Home windows 11 reveals and fixes three irritations that plague Home windows 10

The rumors were true. Microsoft has now officially presented its brand new Windows 11 operating system. This blockbuster upgrade will hit PCs in the coming months and will include some major design changes, including a new Start menu that is now centered on the system tray. There are also new widgets to help you get to content and information faster, and users can find what are known as snap layouts that allow you to easily organize all of your open windows with one click.

There are quite a few updates in Windows 11, but there are three features that will finally fix some major irritations when using Windows 10.

Microsoft says it is reducing the size of its regular updates by up to 40 percent.

This will make updating PCs much faster as the Redmond company says its updates will be more efficient as everything happens in the background. In addition, devices with mobile 4G and 5G internet connections can keep their gadget up to date while on the move.

Windows 11 laptop users should not only resolve the nightmare of endlessly updating PCs but also see a huge improvement in battery life as this new operating system is said to use much less power.

Microsoft says everything runs faster on Windows 11 too, including browsing Edge and competing software like Chrome, as well as using apps like Windows Hello.

Finally, and most importantly, Microsoft says that Windows 11 will be the most secure version of its software ever, which should mean fewer attacks for users.

Microsoft boasts that Windows 11 is inherently secure, with new technologies built in that offer protection from chip to cloud. Windows 11 also offers a Zero Trust-enabled operating system for protecting data and access across devices.

Commenting on the update, Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer, Windows + Devices said, “Windows has always been a stage for world innovation. It has been the backbone of global companies and has become household names and grew up with Windows. This is where many of us wrote our first email, played our first PC game, and wrote our first line of code. Windows is where people create, connect, learn, and reach – a platform that over a billion people rely on today.

“What was so powerful was the change in the pc that we saw and felt – from something practical and functional to something personal and emotional. This has inspired us in creating the next generation of Windows, where you can create, learn, play and most importantly connect in a whole new way.

“Today I am humble and excited to introduce you to Windows 11, the Windows that brings you closer to what you love.”

Windows 11 will hit the market later this year.

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