Home windows 10: iPhone house owners do not should miss this helpful characteristic anymore

If you own an iPhone, you’ve missed out on some of its most useful features. Android smartphone owners can check smartphone notifications, reply to text messages, answer calls and quickly transfer photos right from their desktop thanks to the companion app, Your Phone. Microsoft is also testing the ability to launch smartphone apps like Instagram and WhatsApp using the Your Phone app on your desktop. In contrast, iPhone owners have to keep pulling their smartphone out of their pocket to reply to messages, check their notifications, and more.

Thanks to a new app from developer Peter Freeman Foot, this could change. The application is called Thy Phone and it brings many of the features available on your phone to iPhone for the first time. By installing the app on your iOS device, you can answer hands-free calls from your PC and check notifications from your desktop.

This functionality is already available on a Mac if you are using an iPhone. However, this is the first time iPhone owners using Windows 10 have been able to try these features.

You can also use a Bluetooth connection with your phone to play music and podcasts stored on your iPhone through the speakers on your PC or through connected headsets. Speaking to MSPowerUser, Peter Freeman Foot would like to add more features over time, including sending messages and transferring files.

It’s all very exciting. If you spend your time at home on a Windows 10 desktop PC or laptop, the ability to quickly answer an incoming call from your iPhone without taking your eyes off your computer can be of great value.

Unfortunately, unlike Android devices, the app that enables this functionality is not free. Of course, your phone will be developed by Microsoft – one of the richest companies in the world – while your phone will be developed by a single third party developer.

Their phone costs £ 3.99 on the Microsoft Store, which isn’t the cheapest, especially since it currently only offers hands-free calls, music playback, and notifications. But with new features on the horizon, hopefully more value will be created in the weeks and months to come.

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