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Microsoft typically rolls out two feature-rich updates to Windows 10 every year. The first usually lands around spring while the second comes in the latter months of the year. In a few years both came with a host of new features, while in a few years Microsoft prioritized one update over another. The Redmond-based company has already confirmed that 2021 will be the latter, with the first update of the year not saying much, while the second will feature the biggest redesign of Windows 10 since the operating system replaced Windows 8 in the summer of 2015 .

The first update of the year, called Windows 10 21H1, will be released in a few weeks and will focus solely on quality improvements and bug fixes. For Windows 10 21H2, also known as Sun Valley, which will include the visual overhaul, we assumed it would be much later in the year.

However, a new tidbit from a Microsoft Edge developer suggests that Microsoft plans to bring the release date forward. According to Commit on Chrominium – the open source code that supports Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome – the developer claims that Microsoft plans to roll out Windows 10 21H2 to the public in June 2021. If so, it means Microsoft wants to get it into the hands of PC users much sooner than expected.

Unfortunately, the commit – a note to remind developers to make changes to the code later – has since been edited and all references to the release date have been removed. Of course, this could indicate that the Microsoft Edge developer was wrong, posted the wrong date, and has since removed it. Likewise, this could be a sign that the release date is real and that Microsoft wasn’t particularly pleased that the release schedule was announced in advance so far.

The brand new Windows 10X has a clever plan to deter thieves

“The Windows version, which will be released in June 2021, has a new API that can be used to disable KTM exploits. It was checked on an internal operating system build that the KTM exploit is no longer available ”, says the Chromium code commit that was discovered in the WindowsLatest blog.

Given that Windows 10X, a brand new stripped down version of the desktop operating system set to compete with Google’s hugely popular Chrome OS, is slated to be released in a few weeks and Windows 10 21H2 is expected to borrow a number of the same design flair for its cosmetic makeover , it makes some sense to bring these product launches as close as possible. After all, those rushing to buy a new Windows 10X laptop for work or school will be pretty disappointed when they jump on another Windows 10 computer and find its five year old design.

It is widely expected that Windows 10 21H2 will include a redesigned Start menu with more transparency, a new Action Center menu, and an updated taskbar. The performance and consistency of the dark theme is improved across the operating system.

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