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Microsoft has announced that older hardware with Windows 10 will run noticeably faster once the Windows 11 upgrade is installed. In a new video released this week, Steve Dispensa, VP of Enterprise Management at Microsoft, gave an overview of some of the performance benefits that Windows 11 will bring. And one of the most noticeable improvements is how fast and responsive Windows 11 feels compared to its predecessor.

This is due to a number of tweaks to the flagship Microsoft OS, including the way the software manages CPU and memory resources.

Dispensa explains in Windows 11 Apps that are in the foreground are prioritized with more CPU and memory resources – which helps these programs run faster.

He said, “A big change in delivering the better performing Windows experience in Windows 11 is how we deal with prioritizing apps and processes.

“So under the hood, we’ve put a lot of work into memory management to give preference to the Windows app, which runs in the foreground, so that it is prioritized with more CPU and other system resources.”

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According to Dispensa, this would also come into play with a heavy CPU load.

He showed an example of a Windows 11 computer in which the CPU was running at around 90 percent capacity.

This would usually slow down other apps opening in previous versions of Windows.

But in one example, Dispensa went through apps like Excel and Word that still opened at lightning-fast speeds – despite the significant CPU load.

Why this is the case, said the Microsoft manager: “Despite the high CPU load, both apps started as usual without any delay.

“And that’s because these processes are in the foreground so that they get more computing resources. In this case, that saves a few seconds, and the time saved adds up if you use the apps throughout the day. “

In addition to a speed boost when opening apps, Windows 11 users also benefit from a virtually instant on experience when waking a device from sleep.

This is the same as the way your phone can be used immediately when you wake it up.

Dispensa explained how this works, saying that while in sleep mode in Windows 11, RAM is powered while other components are turned off.

This – and a number of other processes – is key to how Windows 11 can wake up at lightning-fast speeds.

Dispensa said, “For most people, the resumption is almost instant. This also means that your device can stay in sleep mode longer and not go to sleep as often. “

Other performance benefits Windows 10 users upgrading to Windows 11 will notice 40 percent smaller – and therefore faster updates – and sleeping tabs in web browsers that reduce memory usage by up to 32 percent and CPU usage by 37 percent.

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