Hole joined the 15% promise and began a brand new assortment of black workers

Gap recently announced that they have joined Aurora James ’15 Percent Pledge as an advocacy partner, committed to raising black voices and improving internships, off-site internships, apprenticeships and training for black workers. Then not only did they donate $ 200,000 to that organization, but they also released a range of t-shirts and hats for The Gap Collective, designed by black artists who also happened to be employees and members of Gap Inc.’s African-American Networking are a group. Way to get things going!

The collection honors the heritage, heritage, and beauty of blacks with pieces for all ages, from babies to adults, to mark Black History Month. We couldn’t possibly name a favorite from among the creations of Courtney Minor (Director, Consumer Insights), Tatiana Hill (General Manager) and Dwayne Dupréy (Store Ops Project Manager), so we had to include them all. Convince yourself of the styles.

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