Historical past of the well-known Argyle Diamond Mine

How the Argyle Mine began

Established in 1983 on a budget of only $ 100,000, the Argyle Mine was the first major diamond mining in Australia. It quickly became the most productive diamond mine in the world. Overall, the mine produced 865 million carats of rough diamonds –most of every mine in the world!

What Argyle is famous for: Pink & Champagne Diamonds

Until it closed, the Argyle Mine was the only steady source of the incredibly rare and valuable pink diamonds – it produced 90-95% of the world’s supply.

Despite being the mecca of pink diamonds, pink diamonds only made up 1% of Argyle’s total production. About 80% of the Argyle diamonds were chic brown, 15% champagne diamonds, 4% white and gray, and that tiny 1% chip of pink and green diamonds.

The Argyle mine is known for coining the terms “champagne” and “cognac” as well as the widely used color scale for Champagne diamonds. Before they hit the diamond scene, they were brilliant white diamonds or nothing. They changed people’s perception and helped them see the unique, buttery splendor of champagne diamonds.

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