Hill Home Dwelling’s bridal assortment could be one thing new or blue

We love Hill House Home for the ubiquitous popular Nap dress and adorable accessories that add a romantic touch to any look. Since the aesthetic is very Victorian and ethereal, it only makes sense that the brand launched a bridal collection. Yes, there are nap dresses, but there are also silk eye masks, bridal bows, and a silk robe that we would wear long after the big day.

If you are about to get married or know someone who is, this collection is for you. It’s filled with tons of options in white and blue for the bride to match the bridesmaids. There are a number of great gift options in this drop too, so it’s worth shopping before it inevitably sells out, as so many Hill House Home launches do. Are these wedding bells we hear or just the sound of us grabbing our wallets?

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