Higher Purchase These Micro Attire Now As a result of They’re Certain to Promote Out

The calendar may say spring, but depending on where you live, it may not feel like it quite yet. So we understand if you’re not exactly prioritizing shopping for warmer weather clothes. We’re talking items you’ll be able to rock through summer. (Or, at this rate, maybe not until summer actually arrives.) Despite all of this, you definitely don’t want to hold off on stocking up on micro dresses.

You already know that micro skirts are all the hype currently. It only follows that the trend will expand to include any over-short items. Including dresses and shorts. Regarding the latter, just look at the shorts suit Kristen Stewart rocked at the Oscars. The only problem? They’re all going to sell out. Possibly even before spring is in full swing.

Obviously, it takes a little bravery to wear these pieces IRL. If you’re concerned about revealing too much, well, that’s what bike shorts are for. You can also slip them on over pants, especially if you want to wear them as soon as you open the box.

Ready to show a whole lot of leg? Then keep reading to uncover the best micro dresses to add to your wardrobe right away. You can thank us later.

  • zara Short Ruffled Dress, $59.90 at Zara

  • mango Neck Applique Dress in Clementine, $79.99 at Mango

  • Bondi Born Kauai Checked Linen Mini Dress, $490 at Net-a-Porter

  • Lisa Says Gah Este Mini Dress in Wild Hearts Blue, $76.80 at Lisa Says Gah

  • BOSKEMPER Bea Blazer Dress in Cream, $319 at Free People

  • perennial Sandra Dress in Capri Tree, $275 at Staud

  • mango Bow Wrap Dress in Green, $39.99 at Mango

  • Stina Goya Purple Khadidja Mini Dress, $310 at SSENSE

  • Bershka Off-the-Shoulder Mini Dress With Central Strap, $39.90 at Bershka

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