High engagement rings underneath $ 5,000

An engagement ring doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are many rings under $ 5,000 that are just as beautiful as those that are worth hundreds of thousands. If you’re pragmatic and don’t want to spend an annual wage on a piece of jewelry, check out our engagement rings budget calculator.

When shopping for a ring, never lose sight of the 4 C’s – clarity, color, cut and carat. Also, decide which “C” is the most important consideration, especially if you are on a budget. Another option is to choose a ring with a brightly colored gemstone. Such pieces often have a diamond halo and look adorable on their own. Read on to find the 20 best rings under $ 5,000 that are both beautiful and inexpensive.

1. Mildred Ring

Mildred Ring

This vintage, delicate ring dates from 1934. The middle diamond weighs almost one carat and has a high degree of color and clarity – it is almost colorless with only minor inclusions. Two more diamonds are on either side of the main stone and are set in a platinum band. The Mildred ring offers exceptional value for money – you get a classic, timeless design, history and excellent quality of diamonds at an affordable price.

2. Navan Ring

Navan ring

The Navan ring has a half-carat marquise-cut diamond of exceptional clarity. A majestic blue sapphire halo surrounds the main stone. This style solution is not only beautiful but also practical. Marquise cut diamonds have a tendency to get caught on objects, so the halo protects the diamond. Additional diamonds are on the shoulders of the ring.

3. Nordmont Ring

Nordmont Ring

The platinum band has an 18k yellow gold bezel with a real emerald cut surrounded by a diamond halo. If you want a stone of impressive size, choose a colored gemstone instead of a diamond. The center stone weighs almost 2 carats while the diamonds add an additional 0.68 carats. This ring is bold but not bulky and looks great on both slender and chubby fingers.

4. Medway Ring

Medway ring

This rare ring from the Victorian era dates from the 1890s. This dainty and feminine piece contains nine old flower-shaped mine-cut diamonds. The total weight of the diamonds is close to 1 carat. The shoulders and the lower gallery of the ring are decorated with openwork works and engravings. A stunning ring for the most ladylike brides.

5. Ramsey Ring

Ramsey Ring

The Ramsey ring was created in the 1940s. Here, a pillow-cut garnet with a brownish-peach hue stands in the spotlight. The platinum band is set with six diamonds. A graceful, elegant solution for those who want to stay minimalist but love a touch of color.

6. Warden ring

Aquamarine Halo Engagement Ring under $ 5 on your finger

Warden ring

This ring has a horizontally aligned emerald cut aquamarine as the centerpiece. The stone weighs 1.45 carats and has a heavenly light blue color. The position of the stone makes it the perfect choice for brides with wide fingers. A halo of old European cut diamonds completes the ethereal look.

7. Denver Ring

Denver Ring

This geometric ring is a real show stopper. A large 2.5 carat aquamarine stone is set in a double halo. Deep blue French cut sapphires are combined with round cut diamonds. The ring is a great choice for brides who would rather be trendsetters than follow tradition. The Denver ring may be too big for brides with slender fingers, but it works well if your fingers are wider.

8. Vineland Ring

Vineland Ring

The Vineland ring features a beautiful emerald cut aquamarine center stone, but it’s not the only thing that catches the eye. The stone is set in an openwork bezel set with tiny diamonds. Paying homage to the Edwardian era, this ring is remarkable and unique.

9. Fleetwood Ring

Fleetwood ring

The Asscher cut diamond is a square ring with 0.66 carat and surrounded by a French cut sapphire halo. The middle diamond is almost colorless and has only minor inclusions. The shoulders are set with additional diamonds. Though fine, the details of the ring grab attention and prove that you don’t necessarily need a large ring to stand out.

10. Arosa ring

Arosa ring

For brides who prefer three-stone styles, the Arosa ring is an ideal choice. The total weight of the three aquamarine stones in a platinum band is almost 4 carats. The stones are perfectly matched in terms of tone. Due to the heavenly, luminous color, the ring does not look disproportionate, although the stones are large. There are three diamonds on both shoulders.

11. Brent Ring

Brent Ring

This antique diamond ring is humble yet unique. The three diamonds weigh around 1 carat. The platinum band is engraved with delicate floral art. The Brent ring doesn’t cry out for attention – it’s an intimate treasure.

12th Marseille ring

Marseille ring

The impressive emerald-cut aquamarine stone of 3.35 carats is set in a diamond halo. The shape of the halo is really fascinating. Even with more expensive parts, you don’t often see such impressive geometry. And if that’s not enough, the lower gallery of the Marseille ring is decorated with openwork filigree.

13. Tagus ring

11779 Aquamarine Engagement Ring $ 3,600

Tagus ring

The tago ring is an elegant choice for brides looking for a simple but eye-catching piece. In a high crown is a cushion-cut, 1.54 carat, light aquamarine stone. Sixteen diamonds run down the shoulders, ensuring that everyone around you will notice the sparkle.

14. Matera ring

Matera ring

The Antera ring was made back in the 1920s. A cushion-cut diamond in the middle has only minor inclusions and is almost colorless. The main stone is set in a diamond halo and a triple wire shaft. An openwork filigree under the gallery completes the ring.

15. Berkshire Ring

12022 5K emerald cut diamond engagement ring

Berkshire Ring

If you have a preference for diamonds and love the details of the Matera ring but want a square stone, the Berkshire ring is your first choice. The main stone is an almost colorless emerald cut diamond of half a carat. This ring features a geometric diamond halo, triple wire shaft and milgrain decoration.

16. Delaware Ring

Delaware ring

The emerald green aquamarine stone in the Delaware ring has an elegant, elongated shape. The stone is highly saturated and has a deeper, darker hue than most of the aquamarines in our selection. Small diamonds form a halo along the shoulders. The platinum ribbon is simple, but the lower gallery is decorated with openwork filigree.

17. Cald ring

Cald ring

The Cald ring is intended for brides who are looking for something more vibrant than a soft blue aquamarine stone or a clear diamond. In the middle, the green peridot weighs over 3 carats and is surrounded by a double halo of sapphire and diamond. The mount is set with additional diamonds and the lower gallery is decorated. The platinum band consists of a triple wire shaft.

18. Fort Collins Ring

Fort Collins Ring

The shape of this ring is extremely rare. A half-round Asscher cut aquamarine center stone is set in a geometric atrium made of sapphires in French cut. The corners of the halo are set with diamonds, creating a cross. A flower ornament adorns the shoulders. The ring has a platinum triple-wire shaft band.

19. Allentown Ring

Allentown Ring

The ring dates from the 1910s and is a fine example of the Edwardian era style. The middle diamond weighs almost half a carat and is paired with smaller diamonds along the shoulders. Geometric, hand-made engravings run around the entire ring. The Allentown Ring is anything but boring. The fine details make it a fascinating piece.

20. Belfort Ring

Belfort ring

Diamonds are not the main feature of this ring. A large 4-carat pink kunzite with a bluish hue is set in a light ruby ​​halo. The lower gallery is decorated by hand. The platinum band is simple – stones like this don’t require any additional elements. If you love refreshing color combinations, the Belfort ring is a great choice.

Everything has a price – except luck

Hopefully we’ve proven that an engagement ring can be affordable and strikingly beautiful at the same time. For less than $ 5,000, you can easily find a nearly colorless, easily contained diamond of up to 1 carat. Or, instead, opt for a large, bright gemstone surrounded by a halo of tiny diamonds. Above all, choose a ring that suits your personality and puts a smile on your face – happiness is priceless.

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