High 30 Engagement Rings for $45000


Finding beautiful engagement rings for $45000 for your bride can be difficult. In addition to the bride’s style, your budget is one of the factors to keep in mind when purchasing it. If you’ve set a $45,000 budget, you’ll be happy to know we offer a wide range of options. 

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to our selection of the top 30 engagement rings for $45,000 and help you find the right one for you. We’ve also included options that are a little above and a little below your budget so that you can see the full scope of your options.

The Yale Ring

Price: $45,000. Learn more about the Yale Ring. 

If you’re looking for a perfectly round ring involving the popular sapphire and diamond combination, this is the one you’ve been searching for. In the center, we have a fantastic 4.03-carat transitional diamond dating to the 1960s surrounded by an impressive sapphire halo. Each shoulder is embedded with four round diamonds that are subtly emphasized with fine milgrain. 

The Northbrook Ring 

Price: $45,000. Learn more about the Northbrook Ring. 

The marquise cut isn’t among the frequent diamond shapes for engagement rings, making it perfect if your bride likes to be unique. The 3.56-carat diamond will grab everyone’s attention. The plain, platinum band is there to complement the beauty of the marquise cut and make the stone look even larger. 

The Bedworth Ring

Price: $52,000. Learn more about the Bedworth Ring. 

The antique center diamond was cut around 1910, but the design was inspired by the Edwardian era. This is reflected in the bow-like diamonds that decorate the gallery and the sides of this impressive ring. The center stone weighs around 4.20 carats and looks larger due to the detailed gallery. 

The Mulberry Ring 

$50,000 Diamond Engagement Ring with Baguettes Side

Price: $45,500. Learn more about the Mulberry Ring. 

The remarkable center stone of this platinum ring originating from the Art Deco era is classified as completely colorless (D grade), which makes it rare and sought-after. The two baguette-cut diamonds on the shoulders emphasize the beauty of the center diamond. 

The Diamond Gallery Engagement Ring

Price: $39,000. Learn more about the Diamond Gallery Engagement Ring. 

The center stone, the halo, the intricate gallery – all parts of this ring are breathtaking. The center stone is a 3.72-carat old European-cut diamond, surrounded by milgrain and a halo that follows its shape. A detailed, diamond-embedded gallery adds to the ring’s elegance and sophistication. The diamonds also run along the shoulders and cover the visible part of the band. 

The Barrow Ring

Price: $39,600. Learn more about the Barrow Ring. 

If your bride likes experimenting with colors, the Barrow Ring will definitely impress her. It features a very rare, completely natural yellow-green diamond that weighs 1.15 carats and is set in 18k yellow gold that enhances its beauty. A halo of round diamonds with baguette-cut diamonds on the sides surrounds the rare stone and creates a wonderful contrast. 

The Montreal Ring

Price: $40,000. Learn more about the Montreal Ring. 

As you’ve learned by now, the combination of sapphires and diamonds never fails. The ring revolves around a 3.67-carat cushion-cut diamond that’s very slightly included and is emphasized by the stunning halo of sapphires. The fine milgrain along the diamond-embedded shoulders and the intricate under-gallery will leave your bride speechless. 

The Allandale Ring 

Sapphire 45k NYCO25 Allandale Ring

Price: $40,000. Learn more about the Allandale Ring. 

This stunning ring dates back to the 1960s. The spotlight is on the 4.49-carat natural sapphire originating from Burma. There are two smaller sapphires along the shoulders, after which the graduating, baguette-cut diamonds take the lead. This ring is the synonym for color, shapes, and vibrancy. 

The Crawford Ring

Price: $45,000. Learn more about the Crawford Ring. 

The 3.26-carat Asscher-cut diamond is surrounded by an even more stunning halo of French-cut Ceylon sapphires. A bullet-shaped diamond sits on each shoulder and connects the center to the platinum band. Due to the size of the center stone and the halo, the ring looks great on wider fingers. 

The Three Stone Bezel Set Diamond Ring 

Three Stone Bezel Ring on Finger 6682

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Three Stone Bezel Set Diamond Ring. 

Due to the three-stone setting, this ring looks great on both short and long fingers. Also called trilogy or trinity rings, they stand for fidelity, love, and friendship, which is why they’re popular as engagement rings. This particular model features a bezel-set, 1.55-carat diamond, accompanied by two diamonds on each side that weigh 2.14 carats total. Each shoulder is adorned with three smaller diamonds. This ring is sold, but our jewelers can recreate it for you. 

The Narlon Ring 

45000 Diamond Engagement Ring 11559 Artistic

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Narlon Ring. 

This is another ring that is sold, but our jewelers can recreate it if you’re interested. It features a 3.11-carat diamond which is surrounded by a natural sapphire halo. The small diamonds along the shoulders connect the halo to the tripe wire shank. 

The Calabria Ring

Price: $28,000. Learn more about the Calabria Ring. 

If your significant other likes subtle sparkle and has an eye for details, she’ll love the rose-cut diamond that is the center stone of this ring. It weighs approximately 2.22 carats, and due to the four-pronged head, it looks as if it’s transparent. The gallery and the shoulders are embedded with small diamonds that cover the visible part of the band. 

The Deansgate Ring 

11440 Estate Emerald Cut Ring on Finger

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Deansgate Ring. 

The center stone is a 2.01-carat emerald-cut diamond, with a baguette-cut and a bullet-cut diamond on each side. With a simple band, this ring is all about the different shapes of the featured diamonds. Even though it’s not available right away, feel free to contact us about this ring, because our jewelers can recreate it for you. 

The Buccellati Ring 

Buccellati Ruby Ring F2

Price: $29,000. Learn more about the Buccellati Ring. 

This fascinating ring originates from Italy during the 1950s. It’s a signed M. Buccellati piece featuring a 3.38-carat ruby. The surrounding white gold openwork emphasizes its astonishing saturation and leads toward a wide, yellow gold band. Perfect for brides that appreciate the vintage, extravagant style. 

The Providence Ring

Price: $29,000. Learn more about the Providence Ring. 

We can’t decide what we love more about this ring: the antique, 2.90-carat cushion-cut diamond in the center or the gorgeous halo following its shape. The detailed under-gallery and the diamonds along the shoulder make their contribution to the elegance of this ring. 

The Stretford Ring

Price: $30,000. Learn more about the Stretford Ring. 

We can write pages about this ring dating from the Art Deco era, but let’s focus on the essential parts. The center stone is a 2.92-carat old mine-cut diamond. Around it, you see the smaller, antique-cut diamonds and natural emeralds on each side, creating a box-like shape. The shoulders are decorated with diamonds and lead to a beautiful, hand-engraved band. 

The Wharton Ring

Price: $31,500. Learn more about the Wharton Ring. 

Sapphires are often chosen for engagement rings because they symbolize faith, protection, and nobility. They were often worn by the members of royal families, which is one of the reasons they are popular. This particular ring was inspired by Princess Diana. Its center is an astonishing natural sapphire that weighs 5.09 carats. A cluster of 12 brilliant-cut diamonds around it adds to the elegance and sparkle of this piece. 

The Suffolk Ring

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Suffolk Ring. 

This wonderful ring centers around a 3.99-carat antique cushion-cut diamond and a crown-shaped head. The gallery features diamonds that stretch across the shoulders and cover the whole upper band. Fine milgrain along the shoulders and under the gallery complements the elegance and beauty of this ring. Our jewelers can recreate this ring for you, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested. 

The Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $33,000. Learn more about the Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring. 

Inspired by the Art Deco era, this ring features a 2.01-carat cushion-cut diamond as the center stone. Here, we have two diamond halos. One surrounds the center stone, and the other one surrounds the gallery. The upper shank is adorned with 18 diamonds, nine on each side of the center. 

The Sanremo Ring

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Sanremo Ring. 

Five diamonds are featured in this stunning ring. The center stone is a 2.10-carat emerald-cut diamond, and the four side diamonds are trapezoid-shaped. If you’re interested in this ring, feel free to contact us, and our jewelers will recreate it for you. 

The Everett Ring

Price: $35,000. Learn more about the Everett Ring. 

The Art Deco era was the main inspiration for this gorgeous platinum ring. The center stone is a round, 2.00-carat old European-cut diamond, emphasized by the three baguette-cut diamonds on each side. With its unusual combination of shapes, this ring will catch everyone’s eye. 

The Vintage Buccellati Ring 

Buccellati Engagement Rings for $45000 Ruby on Finger

Price: $36,000. Learn more about the Vintage Buccellati Ring. 

If your bride likes extravagant and bold yet traditional style, this engagement ring signed by M. Buccellati may be the perfect fit. Red is the color of love – that’s why the center stone of this ring is a stunning, 7.41-carat Burma ruby. Ten small diamonds surround the ruby, emphasizing its color and depth. The hand-engraved patterns and the combination of white and yellow gold complement the ring’s style and extravagance. 

The Callington Ring 

Price: $36,000. Learn more about the Callington Ring. 

Nothing says sparkle like the Callington ring. It features a 2.60-carat emerald-cut diamond as the center stone. A halo of old cut diamonds follows its shape and emphasizes its beauty. There’s a pear-shaped diamond on each shoulder that adds its own touch to the variety of geometrical patterns. The ornate under-gallery makes this ring interesting to look at from the sides, too. 

The Diamond Engagement Ring With Emerald Halo 

10861VB 45000 diamond engagement ring on Finger

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Diamond Engagement Ring with Emerald Halo. 

The center stone of this platinum ring is the 3.80-carat, old European-cut diamond that dates back to the 1930s. What makes it even more impressive is the luxurious emerald halo that surrounds it. Feel free to contact us regarding this ring, and our jewelers will recreate it for you. 

The Tiverton Ring 

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Tiverton Ring. 

This ring was inspired by the Edwardian era. It revolves around the 3.25-carat oval diamond as the center stone, surrounded by smaller diamonds that follow its shape. The diamonds are set in platinum, while the rest of the ring is 18k yellow gold. Perhaps the most impressive part of this ring is its sides. Five small diamonds adorn each side, emphasizing the interesting design of the band. If you like this ring, our jewelers can recreate it for you. 

The Estate Diamond Engagement Ring 

11412 Ring on Finger

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Estate Diamond Engagement Ring. 

The nearly colorless 3.63-carat diamond is this ring’s center stone. Three leaf-shaped diamonds adorn each shoulder, making the center stone look wider. The leaf motif is also embedded in the impressive gallery. The fine milgrain emphasizes the beauty and design of the leaf-like diamonds, thus contributing to the ring’s refined style. 

The Stratton Ring

Price: $48,600. Learn more about the Stratton Ring. 

This ring originating from the Art Deco era features impressive stones and details. The 4.39-carat old European-cut diamond sits in a subtly decorated, crown-shaped head. There are six round diamonds embedded in the shoulders, thus creating a link between the center stone and the shank. 

The Aveyron Ring

Price: $52,000. Learn more about the Aveyron Ring. 

If your bride prefers a slightly wider band and an abundance of details, this ring will take her breath away. The band is hand-engraved, with milgrain that adds to its beauty. The diamond-embedded shoulders connect to the four-pronged head, which is also decorated with diamonds. Finally, the center stone is a completely colorless, 2.05-carat old European- cut diamond. 

The Banbury Ring 

Diamond Engagement Ring 10660

Price: $53,000. Learn more about the Banbury Ring. 

The completely colorless, 2.05-carat old European-cut diamond that is the ring’s center stone will catch everyone’s eye. Its beauty is further embellished by the two marquise-cut diamonds on the sides. If you’re looking for a simple ring with an impressive stone and interesting shapes, you’ve found your match. 

Let Our Experts Find Engagement Rings for $45000

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Searching for the perfect engagement ring can be overwhelming due to a wide range of available styles. 

We hope our selection of the top 30 engagement rings for $45,000 helped you find the right one or at least narrowed down the choices. 

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