High 30 Diamond Engagement Rings for $3500


For a budget, it’s possible to find various outstanding types of diamond engagement rings for $3500. Whether you’re looking for solitaire rings or halo-style rings, platinum or yellow gold, colored gemstones, or pure diamond engagement rings, you can find all of them at Estate Diamond Jewelry. 

Take a look at our top 30 diamond engagement rings for $3500. This selection also includes diamond engagement rings set with sapphires, aquamarines, emeralds, and other gemstones. 

Southwell Ring

Price: $3,200

For those who value vintage jewelry, the Southwell ring is a wonderful choice. It has a delicate, elegant design that would fit any future bride’s hand and features an old European-cut diamond that has 0.46 carats. It falls into the G color category, otherwise known as the nearly colorless group. What’s more, the diamond comes with a GIA certification. This engagement ring is an original vintage piece, handcrafted in 1945. 

Hartsville Ring

Price: $3,500 

If the ring’s carat weight is an important factor for you or your significant other, take a look at the Hartsville ring. Instead of a solitaire diamond, this engagement ring centers a cluster of diamonds, which weigh approximately 0.55 carats. Along with two diamonds on the ring’s shoulders, the overall carat weight of the engagement ring amounts to 1.91 carats. Not to mention that it has an east-west design, so its width is accentuated, rather than its length. 

Mill Ring

Price: $3,800

Another east-west-style engagement ring, the Mill ring is definitely an eye-catcher. The ring’s dimensions are approximately 1.10cm by 1.65 cm. Fastened in a box-prong setting, there are three old European-cut diamonds in the center. An additional row of single- and full-cut diamonds is set on both the upper and lower frame of the center stones. This interesting design also features geometric open-work on the ring’s under-gallery. Since the Mill ring was made in the 1950s, it’s a vintage piece. 

Tiffany Ring

Price: $2,500

For lovers of Tiffany & Co., this diamond engagement ring portrays perfectly what this famous brand is all about. It’s a classic solitaire ring, featuring a prong-set round, brilliant-cut diamond. Weighing 0.39 carats, the diamond falls into the E color group, otherwise known as the colorless category. What also makes it stand out is that almost the entire ring is channel-set with small diamonds. The Tiffany ring was designed for those who appreciate traditional jewelry. 

Kirkwood Ring

Price: $4,200

The Kirkwood ring is another stunning diamond engagement ring. It’s not the fact that its entire head is covered with diamonds that makes it so desirable, rather the way the diamonds are set. The ring’s shoulders are connected to infinitive motifs, which are joined with the diamond halo. The overall weight of the diamonds is 0.99 carats. The Kirkwood ring was handcrafted in the Art Deco era, somewhere in the 1920s. 

Wheaton Ring

Price: $3,500 

If you prefer traditional diamond engagement rings, the Wheaton ring is a symbol of elegance. Its thin design makes it ideal for long and thin fingers, but it can also be flattering on shorter fingers since narrow bands create the illusion of length. This is a solitaire ring, with an old European-cut diamond as the center stone. Along the ring’s shoulders and under-gallery, smaller diamonds emphasize its discrete appeal. 

Lindenhurst Ring

Price: $3,500.

The Lindenhurst ring is meant for those with an affection for vintage, unique jewelry. At the very center of the large ring is a marquise-cut diamond. What makes it so eye-catching is the intricate filigree that surrounds it. The laced wires are enclosed with a marquise-cut frame, set with small diamonds on the upper and lower side. What’s more, this engagement ring comes from the Edwardian era, handcrafted at the beginning of the 20th century. 

Newcastle Ring

Price: $4,200.

The Newcastle ring is truly a stunning diamond engagement ring. It was designed with so much detail that it’s interesting to look at from all angles. The 14k white gold that it was set in blends perfectly with the center diamond, which has 0.74 carats and an old European cut. What makes it so attractive is the open-work and filigree on the ring’s mounting and under-gallery. This vintage diamond engagement ring was made in the 1940s. 

Heathrow Ring 

Price: $3,500.

The Heathrow ring is the ideal choice for those who want a halo-style diamond engagement ring. An old European-cut diamond is the center stone, framed by a halo of smaller diamonds. There are two more diamonds on the ring’s shoulders. Together, the carat weight of all the diamonds is 0.55 carats. This diamond engagement ring is also enchanting from the bottom, featuring an intricate design on the under-gallery. 

Torrance Ring

Price: $4,000

For those who prefer diamond engagement rings that have an accentuated length, the Torrance ring has a gorgeous, elongated design. There’s a free-form floral design on the ring’s head. What’s more, several old European-cut diamonds are set on the plaque, making it shine from every angle. The overall weight of the diamonds is 0.90 carats. This diamond engagement ring was handcrafted at the beginning of the 20th century, so it comes from the Edwardian era. 

Lumier Ring

Price: $3,500

Another ring with an intricate, vintage design, the Lumier ring could be what you’ve been looking for all along. It has not one, but two center stones and both of them are old European-cut diamonds with 0.28 carats each. Two more sets of diamonds are set in the ring’s filigree. Engravings along the entire length of the platinum ring make it even more flattering. This diamond engagement ring comes from the Art Deco era, circa 1925. 

Vintage Virginia Ring

Price: $4,100 

The Vintage Virginia ring is another Art Deco piece. The ring’s setting is quite unique, featuring detailed engravings, which continue down to the ring’s base. The center stone is an old European-cut diamond, which has 0.66 carats, I color, and SI1 clarity. This diamond engagement ring would fit any future bride’s style. Its delicate design would also make it look great on any finger shape. 

Worcester Ring 

Diamond Engagement Ring for $3600

Price: $3,600 https://www.estatediamondjewelry.com/product/worcester-ring/

If you want a traditional solitaire diamond engagement ring with modern accents, the Worcester ring might be what you’ve been looking for. An old mine-cut diamond is set on a semi-mount setting. The ring’s shoulders are adorned with rows of smaller diamonds. The ring also features an intricate under-gallery, making it a sophisticated yet modern choice. The center diamond weighs approximately 0.65 carats. The Worcester ring is another Art Deco piece since it was made sometime in the 1920s. 

Diamond Tiffany Ring

Price: $2,200

The Diamond Tiffany ring is a beautifully designed engagement ring that would make any bride-to-be happy. It’s a Tiffany & Co. original, featuring a round, brilliant-cut diamond with 0.23 carats. It has an F color, which means that it falls into the colorless category. The ring is set in platinum, and it comes with two rows of smaller diamonds on the ring’s shoulders. It’s the perfect choice for traditional future brides. 

Lamego Ring

Price: $3,200.

If you’re in search of a diamond engagement ring that will steal the show, the Lamego ring will help you achieve this. It’s designed for those who love to combine yellow gold with diamonds. The ring is actually handcrafted silver on gold, but it still has a dramatic effect. At the top of the gold mounting is a 0.45-carat old mine-cut diamond cluster. It’s further decorated with a halo of antique diamonds. The Lamego ring is one of the oldest antique diamond engagement rings in our collection, made sometime in the 1880s. 

Groton Ring 

Price: $4,200

Another diamond engagement ring with a vintage design, the Groton ring looks as if it came from another era. The center stone is a 0.83-carat old European-cut diamond. Even more diamonds are set on the ring’s shoulders, which become narrower towards the base. The diamonds on the side weigh approximately 0.27 carats, making the overall carat weight of the entire engagement ring 1.10 carats. 

Lakewood Ring

Price: $3,200

If you like to combine diamonds with yellow gold, then the Lakewood ring could be the ring of your dreams. It has a navette shape, and its surface is covered by a cluster of round brilliant-cut diamonds, which together weigh 1.50 carats. There are even more diamonds on the ring’s shoulders. The Lakewood ring is a French mid-century engagement ring, handcrafted in the 1950s. Considering that this ring’s dimensions are 2.00cm by 0.95cm, it would look best on long, thin fingers. 

Cartier Diamond Ring

Price: $2,200

Solitaire diamond engagements rings will never go out of style since they are elegant and timeless. The Cartier Diamond ring is the perfect example of this. A 0.26-carat round, brilliant-cut diamond is the center stone. The diamond is set in platinum, and it’s held by four prongs on each end. It comes from France, and it’s a signed and numbered Cartier piece. This diamond engagement ring is meant for traditional brides-to-be. 

Laurentian Ring

Price: $3,500

The Laurentian ring is another diamond engagement ring for those who prefer unusual, bold choices. The fact that this ring is shaped like a bow tie makes it very unique. Carre-cut diamonds make up the center of the ring, with old European-cut diamonds and baguette-cut sapphires set around it. Together, the diamonds weigh approximately 0.75 carats. The Laurentian ring comes from the Art Deco era, circa 1925. It even features French hallmarks. 

Montclair Ring

Price: $3,800

For those who appreciate vintage jewelry, the Montclair ring was made in 1915 in the Edwardian era. It has an elongated design, and no matter which angle you view it from, you will be able to find intricate details. A 0.35-carat old European-cut diamond is the crown of this piece, surrounded by even more diamonds and emeralds. Fine open-work can be found on the ring’s under-gallery, and two smaller diamonds on the shoulders. 

Somerset Ring

Price: $3,500 

The Somerset ring is entirely unique, so it’s highly unlikely you’ll find another woman wearing it. It has a navette shape, so it’s flattering for those with long, thin fingers. At the very center are five, differently sized natural sapphires, framed by a halo of old European and rose-cut diamonds. What makes this ring so special is its color combination, as the ring was set in 18k yellow gold. Since it was handcrafted during the Victorian era, specifically 1860, it’s a genuine antique piece. 

Aspen Ring

Price: $3,800

Fans of diamond engagement rings with a double halo style might want to take a look at the Aspen ring. Instead of a traditional round halo, the Aspen ring features two Asscher-cut halos, one made from sapphires, and the other from diamonds. The center stone is a 1.05-carat natural aquamarine that has a vivid teal hue. In fact, it’s so vivid that it doesn’t have inclusions visible to the naked eye. The sapphire halo weighs approximately 0.70 carats, and the diamonds 0.40 carats. 

Central Park Ring

Price: $3,600

For those who want a diamond as the center stone and a halo made of sapphires, the Central Park ring is perfect for you. Inspired by the Art Deco era, this diamond engagement ring has a sophisticated design. The antique diamond weighs 0.50 carats, and it has an old European cut. The navy-blue sapphires are so saturated, they make the diamond stand out even more. The additional old European-cut diamonds on the ring’s mounting make it look stunning from every angle. 

Littleton Ring

Price: $3,500

If you prefer emeralds to diamonds, or if you want a more budget-friendly option, then the Littleton ring might be for you. With deep green saturation, the emerald center stone has a geometric shape and 0.79 carats. The emerald is framed by diamonds with baguette and round-cut diamonds. Handcrafted in 14k white gold, this ring features a fine under-gallery with plenty of details. Emerald engagement rings are intended for future brides who don’t want to blend in. 

Colorado Ring

Price: $3,800

There are many features that make the Colorado ring an excellent choice. For starters, it combines diamonds, sapphires, and aquamarine, which is the center stone. It’s not surrounded by one, but by two halos. While the aquamarine weighs approximately 1 carat, the halo of French-cut natural sapphires has 0.70 carats. To top it all off, the outer halo is made up of diamonds, weighing 0.40 carats. The Colorado ring is meant for those who don’t want uniform colors, but a bold combination. 

Burnell Ring

Price: $2,800

The Burnell ring is so charming, it would look flattering on any finger shape. What’s more, it’s the perfect alternative to a traditional diamond engagement ring. It’s a halo-style ring that frames a 1-carat round-cut aquamarine. Small old European-cut diamonds not only form the halo around the aquamarine, but they also embellish the ring’s shoulders. The ring’s under-gallery is especially gorgeous, made up of thin wires that form a detailed pattern. 

Ellington Ring

Price: $3,500

While many brides-to-be want thin, discrete engagement rings, others prefer extravagant pieces that will steal the entire show. That’s exactly what you’ll achieve with the Ellington ring. Featuring an oval-cut natural sapphire with 1.93 carats, this engagement ring is vintage, and it was made in the 1950s. A halo of round, brilliant-cut diamonds is set around the sapphire, highlighting its blue saturation. The head of the ring is rather bulky, which adds to its appeal. 

Clifden Ring

Price: $3,200

The Clifden ring is meant for those who have an eye for detail. What makes it especially eye-catching is its east-west design. At the very center is an emerald-cut aquamarine, which weighs approximately 0.89 carats. Several old European-cut diamonds are set on the platinum mounting. This engagement ring not only looks ravishing from the top but its under-gallery was made with breathtaking open-work as well. The mounting is so wide that it covers the entire width of the finger. 

Sardinia Ring

Price: $2,800

If you’re looking for an engagement ring with a non-diamond center stone, give consideration to the Sardinia ring. Instead of a diamond, this engagement ring features a stunning aquamarine. It has an Asscher cut, 1.40 carats, and an intense light blue saturation. Double prongs hold the aquamarine from all sides, allowing it to stand out in an elegant way. Rows of diamonds and intricate engravings accentuate its mounting and shoulders, making it even more beautiful. 

Essonne Ring

Price: $3,800

For those who prefer colored gemstones to diamonds, the Esssonne ring is definitely an option worth considering. It centers a natural period that weighs an impressive 3.99 carats. The center stone has an emerald cut, a pure green hue, and strong saturation. Other details that emphasize this engagement ring include old European-cut diamonds, a fleur-de-lis, and French-cut blue sapphires. Its vintage design was inspired by the Edwardian era. 

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