High 30 Diamond Engagement Rings for $10000


So, you finally decided to pop the question. All you have to do now is pick out the perfect engagement ring for your significant other. For a budget, there are all kinds of diamond engagement rings for $10000 for you to choose from.

Here at Estate Diamond Jewelry, we offer a selection of the most beautiful diamond engagement rings nobody could say no to. 

Here are our top 30 diamond engagement rings for $10000: 

Fairhope Ring

Price: $9,800

The Fairhope ring is sure to exceed your expectations. It centers an old European-cut diamond that weighs an impressive 1.28 carats. There are three more old European-cut diamonds on each side of the ring, emphasizing its beauty. The center diamond is set in prongs, while the ring’s mounting comes with detailed open-work that can be seen from the side. This ring is special because it was cut over 100 years ago, making it an original Art Deco piece. 

Tuena Ring

Price: $9,000

If a halo-style ring is something you might be interested in, consider the Tuena ring. It features a fabulous bezel-set, cushion-cut diamond. Weighing 1.07 carats in total, it’s mounted on a handmade platinum mounting. The cushion-cut halo is made up of smaller old European-cut diamonds, which also decorate the ring’s shoulders. The ring is set in platinum, and it has a triple wire shank. 

Rochdale Ring

Price: $9,500

The Rochdale ring is a gorgeous solitaire diamond engagement ring that any bride-to-be would fall in love with. The center stone is a beautiful old European-cut diamond. It weighs 1.08 carats and also has a GIA certification. It’s flanked by two baguette-cut diamonds on the ring’s shoulders, separated from the ring’s bridge. The diamond is set into a high-profile mounting, and it has a detailed under-gallery. The center diamond’s exact dimensions are 6.35mm by 6.48mm by 4.26mm, but it can be resized to fit any finger. 

Bellino Ring

Price: $9,800

If you’re a fan of sapphire halos, then you might want to take a look at the Bellino ring. While many halo-style diamond engagement rings follow the shape of the central diamond, this ring features two different shapes. The central diamond has an old mine-cut and is 1.49 carats. The sapphire halo, on the other hand, has an emerald cut. It’s further decorated with a row of small diamonds, which are also set on the ring’s shoulders. 

Rundell Ring

Price: $10,200

Another halo-style diamond engagement ring, the Rundell ring really catches the eye. At the center is a cushion-cut 1.37-carat diamond framed by a row of old-cut diamonds. Smaller diamonds are set on the ring’s shoulders to accentuate its luster. An intricate open-work embellishes the ring’s under-gallery. The Rundell ring was inspired by the Art Deco era and is an excellent option for those who want to stand out. 

Whitehall Ring

Price: $9,800

If you’re looking for a more straightforward but nonetheless striking diamond engagement ring, take a look at the Whitehall ring. An antique 1.07-carat cushion-cut diamond is the center stone. It’s held by four prongs and flanked on both sides by two baguette-cut diamonds. The center stone comes with a GIA certification, and it’s ranked with the F color category, which is the colorless group. The ring is set in platinum, and it has a slim design. 

Somerville Ring

Price: $10,800

The Somerville ring is one of the most stunning diamond engagement rings you can find in this price range. The old European-cut center weighs an impressive 1.38 carats, and it has a fantastic glow. It’s placed in a high-profile setting, which is adorned with smaller diamonds. Even more diamonds are set along the ring’s shoulders and the bridge. When you view the diamond from the side, it resembles a crown. To top it off, this solitaire engagement ring was handcrafted in 18k yellow gold. 

Harrington Ring

Price: $9,800

For those who love vintage jewelry, the Harrington ring is a real contender. It centers an old mine-cut diamond that weighs 1.20 carats. What’s more, the diamond has a J color rating and VS2 clarity. A row of old European-cut diamonds forms the diamond’s halo. Two more baguette-cut diamonds are set to the side of the diamond on the halo. The Harrington ring comes from the Art Deco era, cut over 100 years ago. 

Montville Ring

Price: $9,800

Those who have a sophisticated and distinguished taste will want to look at the Montville ring. Handcrafted in platinum in the 1930s, this elegant diamond engagement ring is an Art Deco original. The 1.10-carat center stone has an old European cut. The round halo consists of 20 small old-cut diamonds, which together weigh approximately 0.22 carats. This timeless engagement ring can be carried proudly from one generation to another. 

Windham Ring

Price: $10,600

The Windham ring is for old-fashioned people with strong personalities and sophisticated sensibilities. It combines diamonds and natural black onyx. The center stone is a GIA-certified cushion-cut diamond, weighing approximately 1.01 carats. The square halo is made from black onyx, which emphasizes the diamond. Additional diamonds form the ring’s outer halo, and they’re also set along the shoulders. The ring features a beautiful, detailed under-gallery. This diamond engagement ring is so impressive that you don’t need other jewelry to wear it with. 

Denmark Ring

Price: $9,500

The Denmark ring has such a breathtaking design that it looks like it belongs to a royal jewel collection. The center diamond has an old European cut and weighs 1.07 carats, and it’s set into a French-cut sapphire base. The sapphires are accentuated by four prong-set diamonds that have a filigree appearance. The ring’s shoulders feature a fleur-de-lis design and are connected to the platinum triple wire shank. The Denmark ring has a regal beauty that is sure to impress. 

Charlotte Ring

Price: $10,500

The Charlotte ring has an intriguing design that appeals to those with bold taste. It centers a 1.35-carat antique cushion-cut diamond. The center stone is enclosed by a diamond cluster made up of old European-cut diamonds. The diamond halo forms a floral pattern, and even more diamonds are set on the ring’s shoulders. The platinum ring is slim and has a triple wire shank. Fine open-work is displayed on the ring’s under-gallery. 

Geneva Ring

Price: $9,800

For those who appreciate black-and-white combinations, the Geneva ring features diamonds and onyx accents. This handcrafted vintage engagement ring was made in the 1920s when bold color combinations were trendy. Centering the ring is an antique 1.15-carat old European-cut diamond, surrounded by a halo of onyx. Additional differently-cut diamonds are set on the ring’s head, mounting, and shoulders. This ring is 15mm long, making it ideal for shorter fingers. 

Old Pond Ring

Price: $10,500

If you like to mix diamonds with yellow gold, then the Old Pond ring might be precisely what you have been looking for. There are handcrafted engravings along the entire length of the ring, which is set in 18k yellow gold, giving it a vintage look. The center diamond is set in a high-profile setting. It’s an old European-cut diamond that weighs 1.24 carats in total. Two more baguette-cut diamonds are set on the diamond’s shoulders. 

Rutland Ring

Price: $10,800

The Rutland ring is an engagement ring for those who like to combine distinct colors. It consists of a diamond center stone, a ruby halo, and an 18k yellow gold ring. The 1.68-carat cushion-cut center diamond is a show-stopper, and the elegant ruby halo is bezel set and French cut. The ring’s shoulders are adorned with smaller diamond accents. The 18k yellow gold ring has a triple wire shank. 

Westfield Ring

Price: $10,000

For those who like to combine diamonds with emeralds, the Westfield ring might be the right choice. It was inspired by the Art Deco era, and it has an east-west design, which makes it flattering on wide fingers. The center diamond has an old European cut and weighs 1.17 carats. There are three bullet-shaped emeralds set on each side of the diamond. The emeralds are surrounded by a row of old European-cut diamonds, which go all the way down to the ring’s shoulders. 

Colfax Ring

Price: $10,500

While there are many traditional diamonds to choose from, fancy-color diamonds are a whole different story. That’s why the Colfax ring is so special – it features a light-yellow diamond, which is quite rare. At 1.37 carats and emerald cut, the diamond is held by prongs set in 18k yellow gold. Two more fancy brown-pink diamonds are sitting on the ring’s shoulders. The ring itself is set in rose gold, which blends perfectly with the yellow center stone and the brown-pink side diamonds. 

Basswood Ring

Price: $10,500.

The Basswood ring shines from every direction. What makes it unique is that it has not one but three center stones. All three center stones are prong-set, and they have emerald cuts. The middle stone weighs 1.01 carats, while the two side diamonds together weigh 0.63 carats. To top it all off, smaller diamonds are micro-paved into the ring’s shoulders. The ring is set in 18k white gold. 

Albury Ring

Price: $9,800

For centuries, royalty has worn diamond-emerald combinations. Due to the elegance and sophistication, they’re associated with, engagement rings with emerald and diamond will never go out of style. Such is the Albury ring. The center stone is a magnificent 1.15-carat old European-cut diamond. Surrounding the diamond are French-cut emeralds and four diamond-encased cornerstones. The ring’s shoulders are covered with diamond-studded fleur-de-lis. This dazzling diamond engagement ring from the 1900s is for those with distinguished taste. 

Redstone Ring

Price: $9,000.

While diamonds are most commonly paired with platinum, when combined with yellow gold, the center diamond has the potential to stand out even more. That’s exactly what the Redstone ring offers. Set in 14k yellow gold, the ring centers a 1.00-carat old European-cut diamond. To make it even better, the top of the ring is set in 14k white gold. Along the ring’s shoulders, there are three old European-cut diamonds. The central diamond comes with a GIA certification. 

Bridgeville Ring

Price: $10,800

The Bridgeville ring is an antique piece handcrafted during the Art Deco era, circa 1930. It centers a brilliant cushion-cut diamond, which weighs 1.64 carats. As impressive as the center diamond is, it’s the handcrafted filigree along the ring’s mounting and shoulders that really ties the whole package together. Since it has a bulky design, it’s best suited for those who have short, wide fingers. 

Saxon Ring

Price: $9,500

Another double halo-style diamond engagement ring, the Saxon ring combines diamonds and emeralds. A 1.01-carat emerald-cut diamond is the center stone, surrounded by two halos. The first is formed by a row of natural caliber-cut emeralds, and the second, larger halo is made up of diamonds. The ring also looks beautiful from the other side, as it displays detailed open-work. 

Fenton Ring

Price: $9,600

The Fenton ring combines classic features with modern accents, resembling some of today’s most popular designs. It’s a halo-style diamond engagement ring, but its size is ideal for those with thin, long fingers. The center stone is a bezel-set old European-cut diamond that weighs 1.25 carats. Smaller old European-cut diamonds are set on the round halo, as well as the ring’s shoulders. 

Hastings Ring

Price: $9,000 

While some prefer to wear diamonds with platinum, combining diamonds with gold would be the first choice of many. That’s because this setting allows you to wear your engagement ring with other types of jewelry. The Hastings ring features a GIA-certified 1.19-carat antique cushion-cut diamond. What’s more, the prong-set diamond belongs to the F color category, which stands for colorless. There are two baguette-cut diamonds on the ring’s shoulders. 

Jonesboro Ring

Price: $10,800

The Jonesboro ring looks simple at first, but it’s filled with finer details upon further inspection. The center diamond weighs 1.01 carats and has an old European cut and a GIA certification. There are diamonds on the shoulders and one old European-cut diamond set in the ring’s mounting. The entire length of the ring is decorated with hand engravings, making it gorgeous from every angle. 

Lipari Ring

Price: $10,400 

The Lipari ring is definitely one of a kind. Handcrafted platinum mounting resembles a staircase when viewed from above. It features an old mine-cut diamond that was handcrafted during the Art Deco era in the 1920s. The mounting is set with calibrated emerald accents, which together weigh 1.57 carats. The ring has a low-profile setting, and it features an intricate filigree on the under-gallery. It’s the ideal diamond engagement ring for those searching for a bold choice. 

Montgomery Ring

Asscher Sapphire Finger Picture

Price: $9,600

The Montgomery ring is for those who love to combine diamonds and sapphires. The central stone is an Asscher-cut diamond that weighs 1.02 carats. In addition, it comes with a GIA certification. French-cut sapphires form the diamond’s halo, which also has an Asscher cut. The ring’s shoulders are covered with small, round diamonds. The ring is set in platinum, and it features a triple wire shack. It’s a wonderful choice for any sapphire lover. 

Brentford Ring

Price: $9,800

If you want a non-diamond central stone, the Brentford ring centers a natural Colombian emerald. Weighing 1.90 carats, the bezel-set emerald has an intense green saturation. It’s placed on an 18k yellow gold mounting. A cluster of old mine-cut diamonds makes up the emerald’s halo, forming a floral pattern. Small diamonds are also placed on the ring’s shoulders. The total weight of the diamonds is 1.50 carats. 

Yarrow Ring

Price: $10,500 

The Yarrow ring has an attractive flower design with an extremely rare and valuable Burmese ruby as the central stone. This bezel-set ruby has a GIA certification and weighs 1.06 carats. It’s surrounded by a floral-design halo of antique old mine-cut diamonds. To top it all off, six square-cut rubies are set between each petal, with additional diamonds placed on the ring’s shoulders. Together, the diamonds weigh 2.10 carats in total. 

Chesterfield Ring 

Price: $9,000 

Blue sapphires have always been popular, but there’s something special about yellow sapphires. The Chesterfield ring features a 7.17-carat oval-cut natural yellow sapphire. The sapphire is framed by a halo of pear-shaped diamonds and two baguette-shaped diamonds, resembling a brooch. Together, the diamonds weigh 0.89 carats. Both the sapphire and the diamonds are set in prongs. The ring is handcrafted in 18k white gold, which blends perfectly with the yellow sapphire. 

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Here at Estate Diamond Jewelry, we want you to find the diamond engagement ring you have always dreamed of having. With so many options out there, finding the right one can be a challenge. With an established budget and an idea of what you have in mind, we’ll help you narrow down the search. 

If one of our diamond engagement rings caught your eye, or if you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us. If you would like to take one home with you, you can also schedule an appointment to see it in person. 

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