Here is what Scandi ladies are sporting this spring (word: it is colourful)

The bees are buzzing, the sun is shining and it’s finally warm enough to eat all the ice cream without a chill. During the glorious days of uninterrupted sunshine and blooming fields of brightly colored flowers, I feel a bit guilty for cocooning in a drab palette of neutral colors. Sometimes it just feels too beautiful outside not to put at least a drop of color in my outfits, and when I lack the inspiration for fashion, I go to the masters of colorful style: Scandi girls.

Even if you don’t enjoy wearing a head-to-toe palette of pastel colors, it’s worth checking out the Scandi Girl sphere of Instagram just because seeing so much cheerful color gives you so much pleasure. Realistically, however, I plan to add even more bright colors to my warm weather wardrobe, so I figured I’d share the outfits that I’m getting excited about right now. In front of you is the stylish outfits Scandi girls wear for the season and all the ways you can create a look for yourself.

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