Heated vs. Unheated Sapphires: Defined

How common are heated sapphires?

It is the industry standard for most sapphires. When shopping, you can assume that every sapphire has been heated unless it is specifically labeled “unheated”.

Does the heat treatment affect the quality of the stone?

Definitely not. This is a standardized process that does not affect the quality, longevity or durability of the stone. It’s very common and nothing to worry about.

Why heat treatment?

Only about 1% of all sapphires found are of gem quality without heat treatment.

If we only used 1% of the sapphires that were naturally gem quality, 99% of the gems mined would be thrown away. That would by far not be enough to meet global demand. And that would be an incredible waste of the earth’s precious resources.

While many sapphire lovers love the pristine, natural beauty of an unheated sapphire, we also celebrate this natural treatment that makes it possible to love and wear more gemstones.

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