Have a look again at 15 baggage that had been on each woman’s early 00’s want listing

We love a good review. While we sometimes wonder, “Did we really wear this?” Sometimes we remember that there are some fashion moments that really define a decade. And that’s exactly how we feel when we look back on the bags from the early 2000s in all their monogrammed, colorful, buckle-adorned splendor.

Many women who have stood the test of time remember needing the heart-embellished Dooney & Bourke or longing for a Dior saddlebag. But maybe even better than the designs are the It girls of the time who wore them: Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton and even Paris Hilton were the ones who really sold them for us. Read through the gallery and see all of the styles we had to have, most of which are back in style.

– Additional coverage by Nikita Charuza

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