Haus of Gloi Indie perfumes, hair and physique merchandise

I’m stopping myself from buying EVERYTHING Haus of Gloi has to offer! This indie beauty brand is owned by two vegans who love to smell good! They make amazing indie, niche, cruelty-free, and vegan perfumes and body products that you really have to smell to believe! I’m SO NOT a summer person, so this review will focus heavily on the Fall / Halloween scents, but Haus of Gloi has a bit of everything. There are lots of fun scents that you can’t find anywhere else (yuzu soda anyone?).

Samhain II Hair Oil 👻- “Freshly turned earth, wet leaves and a cool, ghost-laden wind!” Haus of Gloi hair oils are made with a mixture of coconut oil, camellia oil, argan oil and daikon radish oil. You only need a few drops for silky, sexy hair. Apply from mid-length to ends (depending on how dry your hair is). You can try it on dry or damp hair, and you can use it on your skin and cuticles too! If you don’t like earthy scents, there are gourmand and floral options too. So many fragrances and I want them all!

Mango Sticky Rice Soft Bubbling Scrub 🥭- “Sweet Mango, Coconut Rice and Roasted Sesame” – I want to EAT – it’s so delicious! I was on a low-sugar paelo diet so I think that adds to my obsession with all of the gourmet scents. I think I’ll buy the hair oil or perfume version of this so I can smell it all the time. The scrub doesn’t leave an oily residue (if you follow me you know I don’t like that!) And gives a nice foamy scrub.

Banana Taffy Perfume Oil 🍌- “Warm vanilla toffee with an artificial banana kick” It smells like classic banana runts – so good that I have the feeling that artificial bananas are a love or hate scent. I’m on the “Love It” team!

Vice perfume oil ☕️- “Clouds of steam roll from a vessel with freshly made Turkish coffee, marshmallow slime with graham cracker crumbs, roasted hazelnuts, coated with black chocolate.” OMG that’s heavenly – my husband loves it too! I can’t stop sniffing my wrists!

Smashed pumpkin perfume oil 🎃 – “The scent of an extinguished flame, a broken pumpkin skin and a melted beeswax candle, ground in damp earth.” Okay, yes, I’m so ready for Halloween (can you tell from my selection of perfumes?) – this one is like a lightly earthy pumpkin -Spice latte – so delicious!

You can also use the perfume oils in your wax or oil warmer to make your house smell amazing. I wouldn’t use them in a diffuser as it can clog (diffusers are mostly for essential oils). Just remember that some essential and scented oils are not suitable for pets (citrus, tea tree, etc.). Haus of Gloi has many other fragrances and other bath and body products. Look at her!

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