Harry Types sporting jorts is now the backdrop for all of my digital units

Image source: Gucci / Gus Van Sant

I never realized I needed photographic evidence that Harry Styles wore jorts in my life, and now that I’ve seen it I’m honestly not sure how I went 26 years without them. This evidence isn’t some paparazzi snapshot of the “Golden” singer rocking denim shorts while drinking coffee – it’s far more artistic than that, and all thanks to Gucci. The Italian fashion house cast Harry in the third episode of Ouverture of Something That Never Ended, a seven-part film collaboration between Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele and the renowned director Gus Van Sant. The series was created to showcase Gucci’s latest collection in place of a traditional runway show. It was slowly introduced online this week as part of the brand’s so-called GucciFest.

All in all, I would consider it the 2020 premium.

Anyway, back to Harry and his Jorts. In Gucci’s latest mini-film, the heartthrob wears cut-off jean shorts that are slightly frayed around the edges and give a subtle glimpse of the huge tiger tattoo on his upper left thigh. He pairs the trousers with a sporty pink T-shirt that says “Gucci Loves Pink Eschatology 1921”, as well as ribbed white socks and high-heeled Gucci slippers. All in all, I would consider it the 2020 serve, closely followed by its most recent Fashion Home page.

The episode shows Harry talking on the phone with the Italian art critic Achille Bonito Oliva, who is standing in line at a post office – a flip phone, I may add. Even though Achille speaks in his mother tongue, Harry doesn’t try (somewhat disastrously) to speak Italian, but it’s cool; His adorable British accent gives him a passport. The video itself doesn’t show Harry’s shorts, but luckily we were blessed with the full body picture above that I’m dying to program as the background for my phone. . . and laptop. . . and work laptop.

For a look at pieces from Gucci’s overture collection, watch the entire third episode below, and fast-forward to the 3:52-minute mark for Harry’s time in the spotlight. Thank you Gucci for leading this pioneer.

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