Halsey could have been serenaded by Harry Types, however our eyes had been on these low-rise pants

A Harry Styles concert calls for a cute look, and Halsey certainly delivered. On Monday evening, the new mom paid her fellow singer to visit friends who were wearing an incredibly cool outfit, even though you know what we think of a lower rise. . . While they opted for a simple cotton tank top, the “Friedhof” artist chose leather pants with fiery red claws as the lower part, the height of which was more than a few centimeters below her hips. The Formy Studio Pants, rented from the Lidow Archive, also featured the classic black Frankies Bikinis bikini set she wore underneath.

Halsey paired the standout piece with the multi-pochette bag from Louis Vuitton, a selection of crossed earrings and necklaces, and of course, eye makeup from her brand About-Face. “That slate gray @aboutfacebeauty eye color is something that is just so personal to me 👻,” they captioned photos of the nightly look.

During the concert, Harry greeted Halsey by slightly changing the lyrics of his song “Kiwi” to sing “You are just having a baby” and pointing directly at the star. (The original text is, “I have your baby.”) And while Harry basically serenaded them, our focus stayed on their flashy outfit. . . and this extremely low rise. Take a closer look at Halsey’s concert preview.

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