Govee Glide Wall Mild Evaluation: Easy in design, large in gentle sample

Govee Glide wall lamp

RRP $ 100.00

“The Govee Glide wall lamp can transform any bare wall into a masterpiece of dazzling colors.”


  • Variety of light patterns

  • Bright light output

  • Firm adhesion to the wall


  • Limited designs

  • Antiquated looking software

Govee was on the verge. The last smart home maker to launch new products with so much enthusiasm was Wyze, but Govee has been a lot more hectic over the past six months. What is interesting here is that the company’s focus is only on one product category and does not delve into many areas. Intelligent lighting is his specialty.

The Govee Glide wall lamp moves a little outside of the intelligent lighting convention and offers a slightly different approach. Instead of being a lightbulb or lamp, it’s actually a modular set of light strips that you can configure to decorate and adorn walls. When you’ve had enough of LED light strips that tend to be out of sight, this may pique your interest as it will ask to be presented in the front and center.

Installation and setup

Two kits are available: a 7-piece system for $ 100 and a 12-piece system for $ 150. I tested the 7-piece set but found that it doesn’t offer as many arrangements as other wall lights – like the Twinkly Flex or Nanoleaf Lines. That’s because the light bars are connected one at a time and only contain a single 90-degree piece, making it almost impossible to find a unique arrangement that will stand out from the rest. Even if you go for the 12-piece kit, you will likely have to buy another to really design something ornate. I chose an L-shaped design because you can’t do much more without investing in more light strips.

Govee Glide wall lamp on the wall.John Velasco / Digital Trends

Luckily, mounting it on the wall is child’s play, because the underside of the light strips has adhesive strips that appear to remain firmly attached to the wall. While the light bars may seem bulky, they are actually light enough to stay firmly in place. In fact, I’ve set up the Govee Glide Wall Light for over a month now and there’s no sign that the glue has worn off. However, you should really finish your wall design before placing them on the wall because once they are up they are a hassle to remove.


The Govee Glide wall light is controlled via the enclosed Govee Home app for Android and iOS. Aesthetically, it could benefit from a visual makeover as parts of it look antiquated. Its salvation is that Govee offers an extensive set of presets and modes that make for some dazzling lighting effects – including one that is music-responsive, as well as the ability to create your own custom light pattern.

Govee Home app that runs on a phone.

You will definitely spend a lot of time creating a custom effect as you will have to pick a color for a specific light bar. In comparison, I prefer Twinkly’s method of adjusting the light patterns as it maps your design beforehand with your phone’s camera. That way, it’s much easier and more convenient to set up a custom pattern instead of having to manually select each light bar through the app.


As mentioned earlier, Govee offers a variety of lighting effects. From pulsating effects to multi-colored lights that turn on from end to end, I love the variety that it has to offer. The options available can be adjusted to suit the mood or ambience, making it very suitable as an accent light. While most similar smart lights like this are more of an accent, I’m actually surprised at how they can act as the main light source as well.

I’m actually surprised at how it can act as the main light source.

When it’s night, the Govee Glide wall sconce has enough power to light up most rooms – which makes it useful for reading, which is surprising for a 7-piece set like this one. I didn’t expect that, but it can replace the two floor lamps that I currently use in my home office. The colors are pretty vivid too, but not as vivid as the colors I saw from the Govee Lyra Smart Floor Lamp. Even so, it’s not too shabby and most people would be happy with its hues.


In terms of intelligent functions, I wanted something more than the usual – like voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant. There’s a basic timer option for choosing days and times it can be turned on and off, but I really would have loved to see more. The Wyze Lights Strips Pro, for example, automatically adjusts the color temperature to the time of day.

Our opinion

With its simple setup and dazzling color patterns, the Govee Glide wall light has enough to offer without being too expensive. Other smart wall light options offer better saturation and adjustment than this, but are also much more expensive. Govee’s offering is balanced enough to make it an option to consider unless you want a more customizable design.

Is there a better alternative?

At the moment, the Nanoleaf Lines are standout wall lights that offer better color saturation and more customization options. You will pay a lot more for it, but you will surely attract some attention from visitors because of its iridescence and neat design.

There is also the Twinkly Flex, which is priced similar to the Govee Glide wall lamp. The flex offers great brightness and saturation and has the advantage of being manipulable to create even more designs on the wall.

How long it will take?

The plastic-coated light strips don’t weigh much and feel a bit hollow. You could say it feels threadbare. Govee offers a one-year limited warranty to protect it from failure.

Should you buy it?

If you are satisfied with simple wall designs and don’t want to spend a fortune, the Govee Glide wall lamp with its fascinating light patterns is worth a look.

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