Google’s largest Android replace in years makes your telephone undetectable

Google fans have just got their first glimpse into the future of Android 12. This is one of the biggest changes to this popular operating system in years. The US tech company removed this shiny new software during the opening speech at its IO event, and there are quite a few updates out there that look pretty exciting.

Perhaps the biggest upgrade in Android 12 is the option to fully customize your phone. Now it’s not just about turning on dark mode or changing the screen saver as this new feature gives users complete control over colors, shades and styles.

Google will allow users to go wild with their phones and change the way things look.

The company calls this new feature “Material You” and it will even help you choose the perfect design thanks to clever AI. Using what Google calls color extraction, users choose their background image. The system then automatically determines which colors dominate, which complement each other and which look best on the home screen. Things are then transformed without the user touching a single setting.

About the change, Google said: “Android 12 includes the biggest design change in Android history. We’ve rethought the entire experience, from colors to shapes to light and movement. The result is that Android 12 is more expressive, dynamic and is more personal than ever before. “

Along with this full ability to customize things, there are also a few new additions to the Quick Settings drop-down menu, which has been rebuilt to include Google Pay and Home Controls. At the same time, adjustments can be made so that you have everything you need most at a glance. Access to place. With Google, users can also immediately block apps from accessing the camera and microphone via this menu. That’s pretty handy as you can instantly see if an app is doing something in the background and turn it off without reaching into the settings menu.

Privacy is a major focus of Google with Android 12 right now, including better ways to prevent apps from tracking you across the internet.

Android 12 includes new features that give you more visibility into which apps are accessing your data and more controls so you can make informed decisions about how much private information your apps can access.

The new data protection dashboard provides a single overview of your permission settings and of which data is accessed, how often and with which apps. You can also revoke app permissions directly from the dashboard.

Google also gives Android 12 users more control over how much information they share with apps. With new approximate location permissions, apps can be restricted to only seeing approximate locations instead of accurate ones.

Google has confirmed that its Pixel devices will be the first to receive Android 12 in the fall.

Google announces more at its IO conference. More information can be found here.

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