Google Maps permits you to obtain 40 Should-See Films for FREE … if you’ll find them

Google wants to celebrate some of the best UK cinema. With England still strictly closed until the beginning of December, the Californian search giant plans to roll out the red carpet for British blockbusters and indie favorites with its hugely popular navigation app Google Maps. Google has hidden 40 popular movies across the UK in a bespoke Google Maps experience. Based on the map data from Google Maps, it will be a treasure hunt. All films can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store by anyone who can find them.

Think of it like an Easter egg hunt, but the eggs are treasured movies like Skyfall and Shaun of the Dead. And instead of hunting outside (as we all stay inside to stop the virus from spreading), we scroll down using the new Google Maps app on our iPhones and Android phones. So yes, almost identical to an Easter egg hunt.

The virtual hunt entitled “Google Pixel presents mobile cinema” will take place “at the end of November”, annoyed Google. We don’t know the full list of films that will be included. However, Google has announced that it will include Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Daniel Craig-fronted Bond movie Skyfall, endlessly quotable ITV 2 favorite Shaun Of The Dead, and The Oscar-winning Phantom Thread.

Notes on where the films were filmed will be posted ahead of the search this month.

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Soniya Jobanputra, product manager at Google Pixel, told NME, “If we put another ban we know people are looking for familiarity. and find solace in reconnecting with stories and characters they know and love. “Google Pixel Presents Mobile Cinema” enables the nation to rediscover those movies from our past and instantly transport themselves, whether they’re on the sofa, in the park, or between rooms – with Pixel 5G you can download and watch movies instantly . “

According to Dr. Wing Yee Cheung, professor of psychology and nostalgia researcher at the University of Winchester, Google and BFI have specially selected films designed to induce nostalgia in film fans.

“These films are embedded in sensory memories of when we first saw them and who we saw them with. These are the top nostalgia triggers,” said Cheung.

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