Google Maps is introducing the revolutionary new function, however would not count on you to have the ability to use it simply but

Google is constantly improving and updating Google Maps – with camera-loaded cars driving through downtown to update street view images, to give users suggestions of new developments that will be added to the maps, restaurant reviews, integration with Uber, and more . However, the latest upgrade is currently limited to those who live in Sydney, Australia. Unless you’re based in town, you need to read up on the new feature … and then do your best not to get too jealous. And unfortunately that’s as soon as possible.

Google has partnered with Transport for New South Wales to incorporate its useful street view technology into dozens of train stations, allowing you to see around from a first-person perspective. So, if you want to plan a trip in advance and want to know what the inside of the station will look like, now is the time to do so.

You can look around the inside of the station as if you were already there. Would you like to know if there is a specific store in the station you are going to? Now you can check. Would you like to know if your transfer from one train terminal to another will be clearly signposted or if it will be a nightmare in the midst of the rush hour crowds? Now you can check.

Just like you are now using Streetview to check out what your destination looks like. So knowing what to expect will help you become more familiar with every step of your journey with each outside feature before you set off.

In total, street view images will be available for 130 train stations and a dozen subway stations across Sydney. If you use Streetview indoors, you can “navigate virtually through interactive panoramic images within Sydney stations, so that you know your way around,” promises Google.

With any luck, Google will work with other local authorities and transportation companies around the world in the coming years to integrate its 360-degree cameras into more stations, bus stops, and subway platforms.

In addition, the partnership with Transport for New South Wales has resulted in a new level of accessibility. Google Maps now offers detailed directions for accessible routes across 70 train and underground stations in Sydney. So when you need to plan a route that takes your mobility needs into account.

Google says, “These tools will help users find the best and most accessible entrances and exits, signage and routes within the station and better predict travel times on those routes.”

In order to be able to use the function, you have to tap on the Directions menu after entering a destination. It’s all pretty normal. Google Maps then loads a range of options – from driving directions, to driving, public transportation, cycling, and more. Tap the public transport icon, then tap route options such as wheelchair accessible, fewer transfers, and less walking.

This tells Google Maps that you want an accessible route and records directions based on step-by-step stations and more.

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