Google Maps customers will lose essential features if they don’t comply with the brand new circumstances


Starting this week, Google Maps will ask users to agree to the new terms. The popular iOS and Android navigation app asks users if they expressly consent to their location data being used to improve the service. According to Google, this GPS data is used for real-time traffic updates and to detect delays.

Starting today, Monday August 30th, according to MSPoweruser, Google Maps users will be prompted to sign in using an in-app prompt.

The message in the Google Maps app reads, “How navigation data is improving maps. Google uses your and other people’s navigation data to improve maps for everyone.

“As you navigate, Google records details such as GPS location and the route you are traveling. This data can be used to make information, including real-time traffic conditions and incidents, visible to others and help them find the fastest route to find.

“These map updates are not associated with your Google account or device.”

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The search engine giant explains, “When you use Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation, Google collects data to reflect the world in real time for everyone. Data such as: GPS location, means of transport, navigation details such as the route you have taken, sensor data from your devices such as the barometer.

“Google uses your data alone or in combination with others to improve maps, e.g.

When describing the protection of location data, the Android manufacturers added: “Navigation data such as the route you have traveled is not linked to your Google account. Instead, they’re tied to a securely generated identifier that is regularly reset, meaning Maps can’t look up your navigation data based on your Google account.

“Other data that is collected when you explore the world, such as the directions you looked for in Google Search before you started navigating, can be associated with your Google Account. You can change the settings and manage activities, such as location history or web and app activity, by viewing your data in Maps.

“We only collect the navigation data we need to give everyone the best Maps experience. Once processed, it is deleted. We do not associate map updates with your Google account or device.”

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