Google is presently providing an unimaginable giveaway to some YouTube viewers

When the Google Stadia Premiere Edition was first launched, it was priced at £ 119.99 before it later received a price cut that brought it down to £ 89.99. If you’re a YouTube Premium member who signed up before November 6th, you can request this Google Stadia bundle for free, according to 9to5Google.

This deadline means that you will not now be able to sign up for a YouTube Premium membership in order to be eligible for the offer. Must have had an active YouTube Premium subscription prior to the set date.

This offering was initially available in the UK before expanding to the US. From November 16, it will also come to Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. If you are eligible, you can go to this official promotion page for the Google Stadia deal.

Those eligible should see this message from Google on their website: “Get the Stadia Premiere Edition for free. You are one of our most valued YouTube Premium members, and we want to say thank you. Congratulations on your new Stadia Premiere Edition. With a value From £ 89.99 – it’s yours for free. This includes a Google Chromecast Ultra to stream Stadia games to your TV and a Stadia Controller to wirelessly control the action. “

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