Google is lastly making premium Gmail options free for everybody and this is what’s new

If you want to start a quick chat with a friend or contact, just tap the Chat option with a floating window and open it to send instant messages. The same goes for “Rooms” with this option, which allows multiple people to participate in a conversation and share files and documents at the same time.

If you want to try this new upgrade you will have to turn it on manually as it is not yet available as a default option according to the team at 9To5Google.

To gain access, you’ll need to enable Early Access chat on each of your devices, as well as on Google accounts.

How to activate new gmail with chat, rooms ~

• Open the settings (at the bottom of the navigation bar).

• Tap on personal Gmail account

• Under “General”, select the option “Chat (Early Access)”.

• Click on “Try it out”.

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