Google is engaged on a brand new Android function, however it could solely be out there for Pixel

However, after some digging, 9to5Google found that Pixel devices could get at least one exclusive feature.

They discovered this after discovering a new flag in the Chromium source code labeled “Eche”.

This flag essentially lets Pixel users cast their screen to a Chrome OS device like a Chromebook.

The Google-centric website explained how this would work: “All together we have a Chrome OS feature that opens a special app when you click on a notification mirrored from your Android phone. That app will then presumably streamed video from somewhere and show it in the window.

“This is why we believe the ‘Eche’ project is a way to mirror your phone’s screen to Chrome OS so you can view and use your phone’s apps right from your Chromebook. When you get a notification from Phone Hub, Chrome OS will detect it. Open the app on your Chromebook as a window to tap the notification, then open it via streaming video. “

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