Google Chromecast simply launched a brand new solution to watch TV that’s lacking on Amazon Hearth TV

When it comes to streaming gadgets, Chromecast with Google TV and Amazon Fire TV are the biggest brands out there. These two lightweight devices offer similar functionality, from beautiful menus with high resolution graphics, voice search, access to the biggest streaming apps and lists to keep tabs on shows and movies on a variety of different video-on-demand platforms, and more.

However, Google is introducing a new feature that Fire TV owners are unfamiliar with.

The new feature called Watch with Me brings together movie and TV recommendations from A-list celebrities. In addition to boxing sets and movies, the Watch With Me special page also features an exclusive interview with the featured celebrity where they discuss their selections and why you should start with their favorites.

The first Watch With Me will play Emmy-nominated actress and LGBTQ + activist Laverne Cox.

Google has not disclosed the names of the celebrities who are slated to follow the Orange Is The New Black star. However, this is a pretty unique way to find your next favorite boxset. With the plethora of new series available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Apple TV +, YouTube, and NOW, to name a few, it can be difficult to wade through the endless titles and focus on something to watch to agree.,

Both Chromecast with Google TV and Fire TV try to resolve this headache by offering recommendations based on your viewing habits.

So, if you’re using your set-top box to catch endless documentaries about true crime, don’t be surprised if movies like Making A Murderer, The Jinx, and The Staircase are in the foreground when you turn the box on after work.

While streaming music apps like Apple Music have tapped celebs to curate playlists of their favorite tracks, Watch With Me is the first time we’ve seen a similar approach to streaming shows and blockbusters.

Chromecast with Google TV is available now and costs £ 59.99.

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