Google Chrome is even sooner on Home windows 10 and MacOS

In a support document, Google outlined the function: “The backward-forward cache is a browser feature that improves the user experience by keeping a page alive after the user navigates away from it and uses it to navigate the session history reused (browser back / forward buttons, history.back () etc.) to allow instant navigation. The pages in the cache are frozen and do not run javascript. “

Windows Latest reported that Google will introduce this feature with Chrome 92.

The feature’s ‘experimental rollout’ begins with this build before it is released to additional users in the following months.

Google added: “We already shipped this feature for Android. We’d like to experiment with the back-forward cache in desktop environments.”

It’s unclear whether the feature will be enabled for all Chrome users, but those interested in the new time-saving tool can manually enable it through Chrome flags.

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