Gmail down: Google’s electronic mail app crashes as a result of Android customers can’t entry messages

It’s not a good evening when you were hoping to catch up on some emails. Hundreds of Gmail users are currently reporting issues with the popular app. Many confirm that it crashes every time it is opened on Android devices like Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones. The problems seem to have started around 9 p.m. tonight while the gremlins are still going on.

The independent tracking website Down Detector, which is monitoring social media mentions to keep track of when web services are offline, indicates that the outage is currently affecting hundreds of Gmail users. In fact, as of the time of this writing, there are around 500 complaints per minute that users cannot access the app.

On the Down Detector forum page, a Gmail user said, “The Gmail app opens and immediately closes. The phone restarted and then turned off. The app also stopped and restarted. None of these issues were resolved. “

While another added, “Same here! The Gmail app will open and close immediately!”

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It’s currently unclear what is causing the problems, but it seems to be widespread on Twitter, also full of complaints from Gmail users.

A tweet said, “Android apps crash randomly on multiple devices … is something wrong?”

Another social media mention added, “I thought there was a problem with my phone and uninstalled the Gmail app. After reinstalling the app from the Playstore, my phone stopped starting.”

In addition to Gmail, users have also reported issues with the Yahoo, Google, and Amazon apps. Hopefully Google will release an update as soon as possible.

The news of this outage comes after WhatsApp users faced a massive glitch on Friday night that left hundreds of thousands of fans without access to the popular chat app.

The problems also hit Instagram and Facebook.


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