Girls purses and the standing they carry


Retail reports show that more women are choosing branded bags instead of non-branded bags. Some cite image and how they are perceived by their peers as the main reason they choose brand names. Some say that it is differences in quality and design that determine the bag’s value to them and the bag’s durability that make the grandeur worth it. A woman’s bag is a vessel for transporting belongings and at the same time serves as a symbol of status, wealth and personality traits.

Highest quality

Quality is a broad term and encompasses the aesthetics of the bag’s design, the quality of the materials, the craftsmanship, etc. Every highly recognized brand takes great pride in the quality of their products. There are no shortcuts and a single bag can take 4 to 10 times longer to produce than an unbranded bag. For example, Chanel bags take up to 18 hours to produce and involve 15 different people from start to finish. The value of the bag is proportional to its quality, aesthetics and the image of the brand or a current position in the market. The biggest brands are considered leaders in terms of these properties. They constantly invest in innovation, the professional development of their staff and much more.

The mark

Quality encompasses workmanship and materials, and because both meet high standards, a high quality bag is made. It takes some workers years to develop the leather handling skills necessary to make a high class bag. Hand-sewn leather is considered an art and the techniques are profound. The sewing, setting down and working of the bag is carried out by professionals. The result of their arduous efforts is a fine bag that will last a lifetime, or often longer, and passed down in families as a valuable possession. For example, in France, women typically buy bags for 15 to 20 years. “Is the construction of this bag good enough to last me that long?” “Is this material durable enough to look fabulous a decade or two later?” These are among the top 5 considerations when buying a bag for a Parisian woman.

CHANEL CC quilted leather quilted bag by Mademoiselle

A status symbol

Branded items have often been used as status symbols, and bags are no exception. Many of today’s consumers see logos as a tool to convey status. Aside from the quality, the subtlety creates a very special feeling of exclusivity, as the handbag of any luxury brand is not within reach. After all, there is a smaller number of people around the world who carry their phones and lipstick in the Yves Saint Lauren or Christian Dior bag.

Multicolored clutch bag with Chanel CC Gripoix print

First in line for design

The designs shown at fashion shows come from the upper tier of brands and therefore bring us new fashion trends twice a year. Recognized brands are pioneers in the fashion sector and for this reason they are increasingly preferred. Branded bags are the first in a series of growing trends. It is more glamorous to deck yourself out in the latest fashions than waiting for other brands to copy them.

In summary, there are many reasons why women prefer branded bags. The main reasons are the aesthetics, the high quality of the contraction and the materials of the bag, which translate into unbeatable durability, a statement of your own taste and wealth and a higher return on investment when you consider the life of the bag, as well as the relative ease of resale of branded bags compared to non-branded bags.

Chanel Satin Pearl Crystal Round Clutch Bag

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