Gigi Hadid confirmed the good approach to put on sweatpants for a flight

Gigi Hadid has worn many great airport outfits over the years, and the most important thing always is that they are relatable. She thinks of look casual and practical, just like most people do. Sneakers, leggings, oversized outerwear and t-shirts are just a few of the basics she always incorporates into her travel outfits and we love to see them. For her last flight (across the pond to Italy for Milan Fashion Week), Hadid reminded us that sweatpants can be very cool, which you may have forgotten as it’s been 90 degrees for months …

Hadid opted for white sweatpants with a T-shirt, shacket (trend alert!), Bucket hat and funny Converse high-tops. It looked fresh, comfortable and stylish, and we can’t wait to create the look ourselves for our next flight (even if it’s not going to Italy). Keep scrolling to find out how to do this and shop for some of the best sweatpants we’ve seen so far this fall.

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