Get to know the gross sales group for the gemstone breakfast


What do you love about working at GB?

It all starts with Catherine – she only works with small companies and people she knows personally. She has integrity, she has done her homework and everyone she works with is so kind, warm and capable. She is a very empowering female boss and has put together an amazing team of strong, intellectual, capable, cute women.

One of the things Cat said to me when I started – don’t apologize unnecessarily. I love that and I definitely brought this motto into my own life.

What jewelry do you wear every day?

Most of my jewelry was passed down from my family or represents special moments in my life – I love sentimental pieces.

What I wear every day: my Guidette Stack (I’m from Long Island), which includes:

  • A ring with a Big K initial that I got for confirmation when yellow gold name rings and initial rings were in vogue. Ahhh, the 90s!
  • My push gift – a thin gold ribbon with an east-west set emerald (for the month my son was born).
  • My yellow gold Italian wedding ring to match my husband’s – we put each other’s birthstones on the inside of the bands.

I also wear a Catbird mini signet ring with my daughter’s initial on my pinky finger (another push gift). So, basically my left hand is a family affair 🙂

On my right hand, I rock my mid-century vintage ruby ​​engagement ring because it doesn’t stack with anything so it gets the whole hand to itself! Happy girl …

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