Get the Apple Watch Sequence 7 for underneath € 200! It will save you a large number on the most recent smartwatch

Apple is preparing to launch its next must-have gadget, the Watch Series 7, this Friday (October 15). The new wearable from the Cupertino-based technology giant features the largest screen ever seen on an Apple Watch, up to 20 percent larger than its predecessor. The Watch Series 7 is also the first in the Apple Watch series with IP6X dust protection and also has a more break-proof front glass, which makes it more durable.

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch Series 7 were launched last Friday, with wireless carriers like EE, Vodafone and Virgin Media offering O2 monthly payment plans. The cheapest monthly payment plans can be found at O2, with the Apple Watch Series 7 starting at just £ 17.99 per month. If you’d rather buy the Apple Watch Series 7 direct, prices start at £ 369.

And there’s a way to save up to £ 180 off the price of a brand new Apple Watch.

Apple is running a trade-in program offering money from the Watch Series 7 range.

Get up to £ 180 off the price of a new Apple Watch when you trade in your old wearable.

The biggest discount is offered when trading on a Watch Series 6 that gives customers up to £ 180 in credit.

If you buy an Apple Watch Series 7, that means the new wearable starts at £ 189.

The next higher trade-in value applies to the Apple Watch Series 6 with a balance of up to £ 125.

While the Apple Watch SE offers a credit of up to £ 115.

Here is the full estimated trade-in value for each Apple Watch device …

• Apple Watch Series 6 – Up to £ 180

• Apple Watch Series 5 – Up to £ 125

• Apple Watch Series SE – Up to € 115

• Apple Watch Series 4 – Up to £ 90

• Apple Watch Series 3 – Up to £ 60

• Apple Watch Series 2 – Up to £ 25

For more information on Apple’s trade-in program, please visit this website.

After receiving a quote for the value of your device, you can trade it in at your local Apple Store or use a prepaid inpay kit that is delivered to your doorstep.

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