Get a 32 ” LED TV for FREE with the newest Tremendous Quick Broadband provide from Three Cellular


If you’re looking to cut your monthly broadband bills – and still enjoy fast download speeds, the latest offering from Three is easy to recommend. And that was before the company decided to upgrade its home broadband deal around including 32-inch LED TV from LG for free. The £ 249 TV is completely free to anyone who signs up for one of Three Mobile’s broadband plans, which cost £ 11.50 or £ 15 per month. If you are already satisfied with the television in your living room, this set built by LG is of course ideal for the bedroom, kitchen or home office. Or, you can sell it on the Facebook marketplace or eBay and use the profits to pay your broadband bills for the next year or so.

LG’s Smart TV is only included in the scope of delivery with a 32-inch screen diagonal. However, it should be more than good enough for you to watch your favorite shows. This set supports Dolby Audio, a global audio standard designed to provide a theater-like sound experience. LG has also equipped its panel with an advanced image processor that is supposed to adjust the colors for richer, more natural images in the background. There are also three HDMI ports, including one that supports HDMI ARC for a soundbar. Unfortunately, the TV only supports up to 1080p full high definition, so you won’t be able to watch movies or sports in 4K UHD.

The freebie is available with Three’s 5G unlimited broadband service, which costs £ 15 a month for the first six months of your new contract. Instead of relying on copper or fiber optic cables running under your street, this option takes advantage of the super-fast 5G network. This is the same network used by the latest smartphones, including the iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, and offers average download speeds of around 100Mbps. For comparison, the average broadband speed at home in the UK was measured at 70 Mbps earlier this year.

So you can download movies, stream binge-worthy box sets, and make video calls faster than the cables down your street.

If you’re looking to cut your monthly bills to new lows, you’ll be pleased that Three Mobile is also introducing the free telly bundle as part of for the first time. contains its cheaper 4G hub broadband plan. Just like the plan above, it uses a SIM card to bring the internet into your home. However, the older 4G network is a bit slower, so Three doesn’t offer an approximate average download speed. However, the fine print shows that customers can expect 50 Mbit / s to 100 Mbit / s to download. While that’s more than enough for one person to stream box sets from Netflix in crisp 4K Ultra HD, it probably isn’t enough for busy households with multiple people watching movies, streaming music, uploading their photos to social media, software -Download updates and more.

While the method of providing these broadband speeds is somewhat unusual, the result is exactly the same as with a traditional broadband contract. The speeds delivered by the 5G SIM are broadcast as a local WiFi network so that you can connect all your devices. But unlike a conventional router, you can easily unplug Three’s 5G hub and transport it around the house. Since there is no need to connect a broadband cable, you can carry the hub around the house – and even take it with you to friends in the afternoon!

Those who sign up for either Three’s 5G Unlimited or 4G Unlimited broadband home service is also spoiled with an incredibly simple setup. Three will ship the Wi-Fi hub – and that’s it. You neither need a landline connection nor do you have to book a technician appointment for the installation, just plug it in and it is ready to use.

If you’re not sure whether you want to broadcast Wi-Fi into your home using 5G signals, live in an area without a strong 5G signal, or compare the latest offering against the competition, has put a few together the best broadband offers in the area …

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