Galaxy Z Flip3 within the take a look at: The proof that flip telephones will not be only a gimmick

When Samsung introduced its first foldable smartphone in 2019, I was amazed by the whole concept. Why would someone want to own a phone that is so fragile that you wear jewelry gloves to handle and so expensive that you could buy a new phone for the whole family for the same price? “What a ridiculous idea,” I grumpily mumbled to a colleague after the Samsung Unpacked keynote ended.

Although I was concerned, Samsung seemed certain that this was the future of smartphones, as the company released iterative updates to its folding phones last year.

And now the South Korean company is back with even more foldable ones. With the latest generation of flip phones in our hands, it’s clear that Samsung was right to endorse this clever technology … and I was probably wrong to reject it after it was originally launched.

The new Galaxy Z Flip3 arrived on my doorstep a little over a week ago and I have to admit that I’m pretty excited about this folding device.

The retro-style clamshell design looks stunning, and there’s now a wider 1.9-inch “cover display” that fits on the front, which you can use to read the news, get the latest weather reports, set timers, and more can even take selfies.

The strong hinge also allows you to open the case halfway – like a book – which looks great on your desk and enables hands-free video calling.

Once closed, the Flip3 fits perfectly in your pocket or pocket, and as soon as you fully open the clamshell case, you get a stunning 6.7-inch AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz for silky smooth scrolling.

There’s also a fast side-mounted fingerprint scanner, fast processor, and full access to the latest 5G data network. As I mentioned earlier, this phone really impressed me, but it’s not without its flaws.

First off, I can’t ignore the terrible crease that’s right in the middle of the 6.7-inch display. This is clearly a foldable phone, but you need to be aware that this technology creates a pretty nasty bump that stands out like a very sore thumb.

It’s especially noticeable when the screen is used in daylight and is quite distracting when you’re having a quick binge on a Netflix box set. Aside from not looking very beautiful, you can also feel the bump every time you scroll the screen. Yuck!

The next problem that the crease brings with it is the placement of the buttons on the side of the device. Where you really want the power and fingerprint scanner are in the same place as the hinge.

That means Samsung had to move these buttons up on the side of the device, which makes them quite difficult to use.

There’s no wireless charging either, battery life could be better, and the dual-lens camera takes solid snapshots but doesn’t offer the same functionality as other Samsung phones. For example, there is no special zoom lens on the Flip3 and you cannot film recordings in 8K – the S21 + has no problem with that.

And the price is my last sticking point, as the standard Galaxy Z Flip3 costs a whopping £ 949. I understand this is a new technology and Samsung is slowly making the folding device more affordable, but just having a phone with a flexible screen is a lot of money.

Galaxy Z Flip3 in the test: final verdict

ADVANTAGES • Better and more robust design • Stunning 120Hz screen • Improved cover display
DISADVANTAGE • Expensive given the lack of features like triple camera and wireless charging.

There is no question that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a stunning device that gets people going the first time they flip it open. For those frustrated with the size of modern smartphones, this is a great way to slip a giant screen into your pocket.

The Flip3 is incredibly clever, and aside from that nasty crease in the middle of the main display, the upgraded 120Hz AMOLED screen is an absolute beauty. Additionally, the updated cover display makes the entire device more user-friendly, and the fact that it is now more rugged should calm the nerves of buyers.

I really like the Flip3, but would I actually spend over £ 900 on one?

Well, that’s a tough question. If you’re into style and want to impress your Instagram followers and real life friends with a foldable, foldable phone, the Flip3 should be high on your wish list.

However, if you want the best features in a $ 900 smartphone, there are better options out there, including the Galaxy S21 +. For the same price as the Flip, you get a better camera, faster charging, a built-in fingerprint scanner, and the ability to charge the battery without wires.

However, the new Flip3 is a brilliant little phone that made me eat my words and change my mind about the future of foldable phones. Bring the Flip4, I can’t wait to see what Samsung plans next.

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