Galaxy Watch homeowners ought to obtain a brand new replace to handle a vital characteristic

Samsung has released a new update for its latest Galaxy Watch models. For those who missed the launch event, Samsung has released two versions of its latest Galaxy smartwatch range. First there is the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, which comes with a physical bezel around the watch face that can be rotated to control the software on the screen, and then the Galaxy Watch 4. The latter replaces the Galaxy Watch Active 2 in the shelves and is designed a bit sportier.

In contrast to the Classic, the Galaxy Watch 4 lacks a physical frame around the display. However, it is controlled with the same knobs as its more expensive brother.

To do this, Samsung uses software that enables the wearer to swipe across the edge of the screen – as if there were a rotating edge, like a diver’s watch. Unfortunately, that system didn’t work quite as expected on the Galaxy Watch 4, which launched last month.

With the latest software update for the Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung has vowed to improve the usability of the virtual touch bezel.

It comes from a number of users who reported problems with the bezel on social media. Unfortunately, Samsung is a bit vague about exactly what the new update will fix, but keep your fingers crossed that the complaints we saw on Twitter will be addressed with the latest patch.

Since the rotating (virtual) bezel is the best way to control the Galaxy Watch 4 as it doesn’t stain or leave fingerprints on the entire screen, this is a pretty important update for anyone wearing this shiny new wearable on their wrist.

The new update also brings improved system reliability and stability. A new animation when opening the full list of available apps for the Galaxy Watch 4 has also been added.

The complete update of the Galaxy Watch 4 weighs around 290 MB. As always, you may not be able to download it right away as Samsung has staggered the rollout of its updates around the world, but expect it to arrive within the next few days.

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