Galaxy S21 and S21 Extremely revealed: UK worth, launch date and full Samsung specs

Samsung Galaxy S21 release (Image: SAMSUNG)

The wait is over! Samsung held its first Galaxy Unpacked Hardware Event of the year where the brand new Galaxy S21 series was unveiled. In a move that mimics last year’s announcement of the Galaxy S20, the new flagship range consists of three phones. All three are slated to hit shelves this month. The Galaxy S21 and the larger Galaxy S21 + are the successors to the Galaxy S20 and S20 + from last year, while the fully charged Galaxy S20 Ultra receives a sequel in the form of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which offers more features than its cheaper siblings, but Packs a matching price tag.

All three new Galaxy S21 smartphones benefit from a faster 5 nm processor, which promises a performance increase of up to 35 percent. The smaller 5nm process also makes it a lot more efficient with battery life. Elsewhere, the various Galaxy S21 models all share fast 5G mobile data downloads, an improved camera, and an updated design.

There’s one more thing that all of these devices have in common: Samsung follows Apple and throws the charger and wired headphones out of the box. This is supposed to reduce the amount of packaging and electronic junk sent to landfill, but it does mean you’ll need to buy a plug if you don’t already have one in your device drawer.

All of these new phones will arrive in the UK on January 29th. Here’s the full breakdown of exactly what separates all three of these shiny new smartphones …

Samsung Galaxy S21 release

Samsung Galaxy S21 release, price and specs revealed (Image: SAMSUNG)

Samsung Galaxy S21

S21 Price, UK Release Date, Specifications • From £ 769

The phone that is likely to be bought the most is the standard Galaxy S21, as it’s not only the cheapest in the range, but also the easiest to use with one hand with a 6.2-inch edge-to-edge display handle is.

According to Samsung, this new AMOLED 2X Infinity-O display is the smartest ever to ship on a smartphone. It has an adaptive refresh rate of 120Hz which changes depending on what you’re doing on the device, so you always get a silky smooth scroll … without affecting battery life. This control panel also includes a technology called Eye Comfort Shield, which automatically adjusts the blue light to make viewing easier over long periods of time.

Flip the phone around and you will find a new triple rear camera which Samsung says is supposed to make it easy for everyone to get the perfect photos and videos. That’s all thanks to a clever AI that makes sure things are perfectly set for different environments. Basically, you should only be able to point, shoot, and have the Galaxy S21 5G do the heavy lifting.

Low-light photos are also enhanced, and users still get a range of shooting options for the wide-angle, ultra-wide and telephoto lenses.

Samsung Galaxy S21 release

The Galaxy S21 is available in numerous colors (Image: SAMSUNG)

Samsung introduces the new Galaxy S21 Ultra

New features in the camera include Director View, which allows you to easily switch between lenses and preview your footage. There’s also a vlogger view that allows both the front and rear cameras to record at the same time.

Samsung’s Single Shot mode, which takes photos and a short video clip at the same time, has been enhanced with a fun Dynamic Slo-Mo option that slows down and highlights moments in the footage.

With an update to the 8K video snapshot, you can now capture crystal clear images from your 8K video footage. One final thing to keep in mind about the camera is the new zoom lock feature, which is designed to keep close-ups from appearing blurry and sharp.

Samsung Galaxy S21 release

The Samsung Galaxy S21 has a 120 Hz screen (Image: SAMSUNG)

The new design of the Contour Cut camera not only takes improved pictures, but now blends seamlessly into the rear housing, making it a little more appealing than the bulbous camera bump of the S20.

Unlike last year, the S21 will not get a 4G version as all models will have access to fast 5G data. There are also some eye-catching new matte colors, including a signature phantom purple. Phantom Gray, Phantom Pink and Phantom White will also be available at launch.

If that all sounds like something you want to have in your pocket, the S21 will be available from January 29th, starting at £ 769 for the 128GB model. A 256GB version is also available in stores for £ 819.

You can pre-order starting today if you buy a Galaxy Buds Live and SmartTag early.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung also introduced the new Galaxy Buds Pro at the event (Image: SAMSUNG)

Samsung Galaxy S21 +

Samsung Galaxy S21 + • Price, UK release date, specifications • From £ 949

If you need a little more screen real estate to watch movies, play games, or edit photos on the go, the S21 + may be just what you’re looking for.

Samsung slapped an expansive 6.7-inch FHD + AMOLED screen on this premium glass and metal design, and you still get the nifty 120Hz refresh rate.

Other features like the upgraded camera, faster processor, 5G, and wireless charging are the same as the S21.

However, there is a larger 4800 mAh battery under the hood. The S21 + starts at £ 949 (128GB) and will also be available in Phantom Violet, Phantom Silver and Phantom Black from January 29th.

If you buy early, you will receive Galaxy Buds Live and a SmartTag free of charge.

Samsung Galaxy S21 release camera

Samsung Galaxy S21 gets an improved camera (Image: SAMSUNG)

Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 gets a new design (Image: SAMSUNG)

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra • Price, UK release date, specifications • From £ 1,149

If you want the best of the best, the Galaxy S21 Ultra should be high on your wish list. At £ 1,149, it’s not cheap, but it does include an upgraded camera system that Samsung says is the most advanced pro-grade camera system ever built. This quad camera array features a new 108 megapixel main sensor with lightning-fast autofocus. As you’d expect, packing that many megapixels offers a few benefits, including 64 times more vibrant colors and more than 3 times more dynamic range, according to Samsung.

For aspiring photographers who want the best files to edit, the Ultra also lets you shoot 12-bit RAW.

The 100x room zoom is also making a return, but hopefully the zoom lock and a new technology called dual telephoto zoom will put an end to the problems many have had with the S20 Ultra’s image quality and the inability to keep things calm when they really approach an object. According to Samsung, this dual telephoto lens system is powered by a 3x optical and a 10x optical dual photodiode, so you can take crystal clear shots no matter how far you are from the action.

Samsung Galaxy S21 release

The Galaxy S21 Ultra gets an improved camera (Image: SAMSUNG)

Night mode has also been improved on this phone thanks to improved noise cancellation and a faster night sensor. So you should be able to capture extensive details without dazzling friends and family with an LED flash in dark restaurants, bars and concerts.

For videos, there is the option to record in 4K with all four lenses, which should give users more options when producing their home videos.

Another thing you get on the Ultra is an even bigger 6.8-inch screen that hits that 120Hz refresh rate even when viewing content in the best WQHD + quality. This is also the brightest screen from Samsung, giving users a clear picture even in direct sunlight.

The final advantage of the screen is that it is fully compatible with the S Pen pen, so you can dodge your heart without leaving dirty marks on the display.

The final reason you might consider switching to Ultra is because this will be the first phone to access hyperFast Wi-Fi 6E, which will make your downloads really fast.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra S pen

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra receives S Pen support (Image: SAMSUNG)

“The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G raises the bar for the possibilities of a smartphone. With the new year we bring new innovations for Galaxy fans who want to be one step ahead,” said Conor Pierce, corporate vice president of Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland .

The S21 Ultra costs from € 1,149 for the 128 GB model. Prices jump to 1,329 euros if you think you need 512 GB of storage. It’s available in Phantom Silver and Phantom Black for anyone who can pre-order and request a free pair of Galaxy Buds Pro.

All pre-orders also include a free Galaxy SmartTag.

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