Freeview is bringing new designs and new options to 1000’s of good TVs right now

Viewers with Freeview Play built into their smart TVs should receive a major update in the coming weeks. According to the team behind Freeview, the new user interface, which will be available on all smart TVs that run on Android TV software, will make it easier for viewers to explore all of the available content and discover new favorites.

One of the best additions to the Android TV homescreen is the new Explore tab. This way, suggestions for new shows and movies based on your viewing history are aggregated along with the trends on Google. In other words, if you’re not sure what to see, head over to the Explore tab.

With the latest update, box sets and films available on Freeview Play now fill the Explore tab.

Freeview Play recently reached a new milestone with over 30,000 hours of on-demand content from BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5, UKTV Play, CBS Catchup Channels UK, Horror Bites, STV Player, POP Player and BBC Sounds. Some of these box sets will appear on the Explore tab over time, depending on your taste, but all are available through the search function.

Since it’s Android TV, you can plug your smart TV into all of the Google Nest smart speakers in your home. This means that with the help of voice commands to the Google Assistant, you can pause or rewind the playback on the screen if you missed a detail. Some Android TV powered devices have microphones so you can use voice commands, “OK, Google” without the need for a Google Nest or Android smartphone nearby.

Freeview Play is included on Android TVs from Philips, Sharp, TCL, Toshiba, Humax, and others.

With the update now rolling out, Freeview Play on Android TV will give viewers access to the following features:

I’m online now: Freeview Play viewers can easily access the live TV program guide via a new tile in the “On Now” line. The “Now” line has also been updated to provide clearer programming information for each piece of content, so that viewers can more easily see what’s on at a glance.

On demand: To make it easier for viewers to explore the full spectrum of Freeview Play’s on-demand content, the content lines on the new user interface have been updated with new player tiles that link viewers directly to the player they are interested in .

Simon Hunt, director of strategy and business development at Freeview Play, said “It’s so important that UK viewers can easily find the content they love, whether it’s Line of Duty or the Friday Night Dinner Box Set. Working closely with Android TV, we were able to ensure that the customer journey continues to be successful for UK viewers and that Android TV remains competitive in the UK market. “

Ed Corn, Head of Android TV Partnerships, EMEA at Android TV, commented: “People in the UK value a helpful and intelligent TV experience. We are delighted that, through our work with Freeview Play, more UK viewers are enjoying an updated Android TV experience that makes it easier for them to find and watch their favorite shows. “

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