Freeview customers get irritated that GB Information is not working, however there’s a easy repair

After months of waiting, the new GB News channel has finally launched today, promising a “new approach to news processing”. Although GB News is now officially on the air, some people seem to be having trouble watching it.

Some frustrated Freeview users complain that they cannot find the service on their TVs as social media is full of messages asking how to tune in.

“@GBNEWS can’t get you guys on my Freeview,” said one user while another added, “I can’t find it on Freeview, I updated the channel list twice, it should be 236 but still not showing up. Any ideas ? “

If you’re struggling to find GB News on Freeview, there is an easy fix with a simple hiring that seems to get the job done.

In a recent post on its website, Freeview stated, “On April 28, 2021, some channels will change their position in the TV Guide and GB News will be launched on Freeview. You’ll need to reset to update your TV and keep your channels and TV guide up to date. “

Once you’ve updated your device, you should find GB News on Channel 236.

The fact that some users cannot watch GB News is not the only problem with this news channel. Numerous viewers complain about the sound and picture quality.

“I like what I’ve seen from @GBNEWS – but the image quality on Freeview is shocking – will it improve?” said a fan.

While another added, “I’m watching on your Freeview channel. There’s still a language lag since we started last night and every guest, the sound quality is really bad. “

And another disgruntled viewer said, “If there isn’t an HD option on Freeview, it is far more deadly than the lighting or the set design to its longevity. SD looks terrible.”

It’s unclear what is causing the gremlins, but some users have said that when watching on Sky or Virgin, things seem a lot clearer.

Speaking to viewers at the launch of GB News, founder Andrew Neil said, “GB News will not be another chamber of echoes for the metropolitan mindset that already dominates so much of our media.

“We are proud to be British. The hint is in the name.

“While we will never hold back from addressing our country’s many shortcomings and problems, we will not go into every story with the belief that Britain is always to blame, usually to blame when things go wrong, generally useless.

“We will not forget what the B in our title stands for.”

GB News is broadcast on Freeview 236, Sky HD 515, Virgin Media HD 626, YouView 236, Freesat HD 216.

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