Free journey to the pub, anybody? Unlock a £ 100 tab from the Hinge courting service this week

To celebrate the easing of lockdown restrictions in England and Wales, the popular dating app Hinge is offering couples up to £ 100 for drinks or meals. The promotion, which runs between April 12th and 18th, gives everyone a £ 50 gift card (up to £ 100 per couple) to go on a date. We have the details of how you as a couple can claim £ 100 on free pints, chips, and G & Ts (assuming you have the NHS app downloaded).

To be eligible, you must have met someone on hinge and met in person for an appointment between April 12th and April 18th, 2021. Hinge has a feature called “We Met” that lets the app know when a digital app is available Match and chat within the app resulted in a real-world meeting. Once you’ve confirmed you’ve dated someone from Hinge between the allowed dates, Hinge will send an email with a £ 50 gift card to spend on your next appointment.

As both members of the couple can report the meeting with “We Met” there is a potential profit of £ 100 for the next trip to the pub-beer garden, the restaurant or – if this is allowed in a few weeks – the cinema, theater or other Indoor event. Hinge typically uses the information from the We Met feature to adjust recommendations for the future. For example, if you’ve been on a date with someone and it didn’t work out, the app will adapt when you recommend new people.

Starting Monday April 19th at 2pm CET, Hinge will be sending £ 50 gift cards to those who meet the promotion’s criteria. The generous giveaways are given based on availability. Hinge will put a brake on its gift cards when it sends out £ 15,000 worth of free appointments – around 300 Hinge users.

Logan Ury, Director of Relationship Science at Hinge, told, “At Hinge, we hear our users loud and clear: they’re ready to be back out there and meet again in person. With that in mind, we expect a huge surge in dating this spring as the restrictions lift. After more than a year of being banned, we’re delighted that hinge users are leaving the app and making great appointments. “

Research by Hinge shows that around 54 percent of users spend up to £ 50 on their first date – which is why the dating app has decided to set its scholarship at that amount.

In a recent survey, Hinge found that a majority (88 percent) of UK based users had missed personal dating during the recent lockdown, while 85 percent of users planned to meet for an appointment as soon as the lock was lifted . With the potential of Free Dosh on the table, that percentage will likely only increase.

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