Free Film Streaming Block: Sky Confirms Hundreds of thousands of Broadband Customers Face a New Ban

With so many people accessing movies for free this way, it’s not hard to understand why content creators and distributors want things to be blocked.

Speaking of the ban, an MPA spokesman said: “The MPA EMEA continues to block websites across Europe. On February 5th, the UK courts issued the final website blocking order. As a result, several structurally violating websites are blocked. Blocking websites is a legitimate and effective way to stop the spread of online piracy. Piracy affects everyone involved in the creative process – from the songwriters to the writers to the makeup artists. It also adversely affects consumers, exposing them to malware, identity theft, and fraud.

“Website blocking builds on years of work and is only one pillar of the general enforcement strategy of the MPA EMEA. Online violations are complex and there is no single answer to them. In addition to blocking websites, MPA EMEA supports a number of awareness campaigns aimed at protecting against copyright infringement, ensuring the safety of young people on the Internet, protecting users from harmful scams and ultimately ensuring the sustainability of the creative sector. “

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