Folks do not imagine my mother is 73 – listed below are 11 antiaging serums she makes use of

As my mom told me on the phone, Youn connected the dots for her when he said the most important thing we can do for our skin is eat a clean, healthy diet, and sugar is basically synonymous with wrinkles. As my mom started cutting down her sugar intake and making healthier choices when it came to meals and snacks, her skin kept looking better and more interested in what else she could do to soothe age-related redness, dark Spots, fine lines, and less fine lines that were always harder to miss when she looked in the mirror every morning. (Your words, not mine!)

“To be honest, I’m also embarrassed to admit that I’ve never done a lot other than a morning face wash in the shower, a moisturizer under my makeup, and an evening cleanse,” she laughs. “But when I started looking into skin-enhancing serums and products that could benefit my skin, I realized that I had to make sure these formulations could penetrate deeply into my skin in order to get the best results with these products . I bought a facial cleansing brush ($ 99) that research has shown can make your skin six times cleaner than a normal cleansing routine, and I also started adding a few other exfoliating skin care products to my program. “

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