Folks assume my 53 12 months outdated mother is 20 years youthful, right here is her want listing for merchandise

A few years ago it seemed like my skin had decided to go utterly messed up all of a sudden. My acne flared up almost every day and my oily skin grew faster. Before I had the luxury of reaching out to my colleagues in the beauty editor world, my first and foremost expert was always my mother. Even now, it is still my soundboard when I want to buy a new skin care product and not bother with online reviews. Quite simply, she takes great care of her skin and makes sure that it is in tip top shape. Because of her well-curated routine, it’s not uncommon for people to mistake her for someone decades younger.

I previously reported on Who What Wear about their meticulous regimen that plumps up and makes the face glow, and the response has been immense. After receiving so many comments asking for a follow up, I asked my mom to share the products she had in mind right now. Shopping for new beauty products is one of my mom’s favorite pastimes, but she definitely doesn’t decide to try something without a little research. She scans beauty forums, searches ingredient lists, and reads multiple reviews before my mom decides whether or not a product is worth trying. In other words, it has to be promising to create their wish-list. Below, I outline the beauty products my mom would like to try next. While most skin types can benefit from this, it is definitely a good idea to keep your eyes awake as you reduce fine lines that increase elasticity and moisture. Keep scrolling to see the full list.

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