Floor Duo 2: New Android Telephone Guarantees To Repair All Microsoft Points

Microsoft has just unveiled its next generation Surface Duo, and it seems the US company has listened to the criticism voiced when it first tried a folding phone. When the first Surface Duo hit the market last year, the reviews weren’t exactly thrilled … many said the software was buggy and had a terrible camera.

The new Duo 2 comes with a number of improvements to address these issues, including a fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, a dynamic triple rear camera – which can record video in up to 4K image quality – and access to 5G data speeds.

The larger, dual 8.3-inch PixelSense screens have also been upgraded with a high refresh rate of 90 Hz, which makes things appear silky smooth and jerk-free. It’s not right at the top of Samsung’s 120Hz screen technology, but it’s certainly an improvement over its predecessor.

With this second generation Duo, with the flip-up handset closed, you can see notifications – such as calls and incoming texts – on the back of the device, so you don’t have to open the Duo 2 every time it pings a new notification.

Other nice touches include improved compatibility with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, and you can easily play Xbox games right on the device, with one screen turned into a mini-controller while the other shows the action.

As before, this device runs on Android, so you have full access to all the apps available on Google’s Play Store.

Well, before you get too excited, the Duo 2 isn’t exactly cheap, starting at a whopping £ 1,349. If that doesn’t put you off, it will be available in Obsidian and Glacier colors over the next month.

Pete Kyriacou, VP, Microsoft Devices, said of the Surface Duo 2, “The Surface Duo is designed to showcase the power of Microsoft 365 in your pocket, giving you productivity and entertainment with two screens wherever you go, we are at the limit what a mobile device could be, postponed. With Surface Duo 2, we’re pushing this vision even further while offering the core functionality that people expect from a modern premium smartphone. “

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