First Android smartphones with a charged Snapdragon 888 processor revealed

Qualcomm unveiled its new and incredibly powerful Snapdragon 888 processor on the first day of its annual Tech Summit yesterday afternoon, and has now confirmed some of the devices that will run on this latest system-on-a-chip. A number of manufacturers have rushed to confirm that they will be launching 888 smartphones in the coming months. Both OPPO and Xiaomi boast of being among the first to hit shelves around the world.

The brand new Mi 11 handset from Xiaomi is supposed to pack the new Snapdragon chipset at launch. OPPO announces that the Find X series will ship with the 888 when it is released in early 2020.

“OPPO and Qualcomm Technologies have long had a close relationship. We share similar visions in our pursuit of the ultimate mobile experience, ”said Alen Wu, OPPO Vice President and President of Global Sales. “We are excited to be one of the first flagship smartphones to launch the Snapdragon 888 in the first quarter of 2021. We are certain that the next Find X series will offer users around the world an exceptional all-round experience. “

Motorola has also committed to using this chip in its next generation Moto devices. The company said: “In partnership with Qualcomm, Motorola 5G smartphones are now available from over 100 partners around the world. The new Qualcomm 5G Mobile Chipset Platform raises the bar for 5G experiences.

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“Looking to the future, we look forward to building a platform with more powerful experiences in games, artificial intelligence and camera technologies that transform the way we work, study and play in today’s world, and the advanced mobile Qualcomm’s 800 platform will be integrated into the Moto g family in the next year. “

These are certainly exciting times for Android fans as the new Snapdragon 888 is the most powerful processor Qualcomm has ever made. This next generation chip offers some big advantages over its predecessors. Qualcomm showed on day two of its Tech Summit that the 888 achieved an increase in overall CPU performance of up to 25 percent and the largest performance leap in relation to the GPU to date. It promises 35 percent faster graphics rendering compared to the previous generation.

Along with this increase in performance, the 888 is also far more efficient, which means longer battery life for the devices that use it. It’s unclear exactly what the battery life will be, but expect serious longevity when the 2020 flagship smartphones launch. And then there are the 5G speeds with this latest chip technology that allows downloads to be delivered to devices over 7 Gbps. At this speed, you can download a Full HD movie in seconds.

888-enabled phones are infinitely faster and can enhance the gaming experience with frame rates of up to 144 frames per second.

And Qualcomm boasts that the Snapdragon 888 will triple the future of computer photography and turn smartphones into professional-quality cameras. With the faster gigapixel speed, Qualcomm users can take photos and videos at 2.7 gigapixels per second, or approximately 120 photos at 12 MP resolution – up to 35 percent faster than the previous generation.

“Qualcomm’s history of groundbreaking technology inventions has paved the way for our continued leadership in the premium mobile segment,” said Alex Katouzian, senior vice president and general manager of mobile devices, computers and infrastructure for Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.. “The new flagship with the Snapdragon 888 Mobile Platform enables OEMs to further differentiate their devices and users to learn about the latest mobile technologies. “

Expect more companies to release news about the Snapdragon 888 and hopefully there will be news from Samsung and OnePlus in the coming weeks.

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