NORWALK, CONN. – NOVEMBER 26, 2018 – There is still time for that to register for the world’s leading fitness, health and wellness event: FIBO’s first US event from December 5-8 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

FIBO USA is based on the long-standing success of the FIBO Global events in Germany, China and South Africa. The US debut will bring fitness professionals and enthusiasts together in Orlando for a stunning display of the most groundbreaking people, products and ideas that are driving the global fitness industry.


The event begins with a two-day FIBO American Health + Fitness Forum (AHFF). The forum invites business owners, managers, and professionals from the health and fitness sector to interact with global thinkers and leaders on topics such as sales, marketing, customer relations, technology, customer loyalty, human resources, and operator excellence.

The Women in Fitness Association (WIFA) will also work with FIBO to host Fiercely Female, a forum where industry professionals can discuss and uncover problems, initiatives and opportunities for women to reach their full potential.


FIBO USA also offers affordable accreditation options through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

“It is rare that there is an event that brings all areas of the health and wellness category together as seamlessly as FIBO,” says Petra Robinson, Zumba®’s trade fair and fitness advisor and former AFAA Vice President. “In the nearly three decades since attending my first FIBO event, I have found that this is a dynamic representation of the type of industry and a crucial tool for business expansion.”

Immerse yourself in the development of global trends

FIBO USA offers a comprehensive program of lighting workshops, exciting lectures, and product, technology and fitness demos presented by the most influential names in the industry.

“FIBO is known for showcasing the most innovative product and technology features the fitness industry introduces each year,” said Bryan Green, Founder and CEO of Aktiv Solutions. “As a fan and long-time participant in FIBO Global conferences around the world, I am delighted that the format and quality of this event is making its debut in the United States.”

The exhibitors will show trends and innovations from the explosive functional training category (Aktiv Solutions, Ziva) to traditional areas such as cardio and strength (Helix, Keizer, Torque Fitness), group and aqua fitness (Piloxing, POUND, SoulBody), health and wellness present products (InBody, NormaTec), nutrition (Dymatize), finance (ABC Financial) and wearables (Myzone).


With the upcoming FDA approval, the manufacturers of the recognized European fitness technology, whole-body electromuscular stimulation (EMS), are planning a comprehensive US rollout that begins with a comprehensive showcase at FIBO USA.

miha bodytec, Power Plate® and XBody offer participants the opportunity to test the scientifically developed electrode suits. Revered for stimulating most of the body’s muscle groups at the same time, EMS is known to improve everything from building muscle, toning, and toning to physical therapy and exercise-specific training.

“The widespread worldwide success of EMS training courses shows how time-saving and effective they are,” says Helge Gützlaff, director for international business development at miha bodytec. “FIBO USA is an opportunity for fitness professionals and consumers in America to be among the first to see their benefits firsthand in the USA.”


To learn more and to get access to FIBO USA forums, daily workouts, workshops, special competitions, lectures and much more, visit to register.

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