Every thing previous is new once more

In fashion everything old is new again. You can literally pick any decade and find an article that was popular in magazines at the time. The easiest way to ensure that you look like you are in this decade is to stick to classic items. Here are three timeless pieces that are reminiscent of years gone by but look just as new now.

Sweater with a collar

Collar sweaters are reminiscent of the 1950s and are especially popular for spring. Back then, women mostly wore sweaters with skirts, both with full swinging skirts and with figure-hugging pencil skirts. To keep the look timeless, I combined my sweater with a pearl button collar with jeans.

Straight leg jeans

Do you remember the 90s when everyone wore straight leg jeans? Well basically anything that can be found in the 90s is popular again, including this style of denim. My current favorites are the wedgie symbol. They aren’t stretchy, but they still hug your waist and hips. That way, you still get that hourglass silhouette.


We go back to the 50s when it comes to shoes. Slippers were all the rage back then and they are very popular today. Many people wear their slippers with socks. But I prefer a more classic look with jeans and pants.

As you can see, everything old is new again. Although every piece in this outfit was inspired by decades in the past, the entire still image outfit works regardless of the era as every piece is a classic!


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