England vs Italy: All EE Customers Acquired a Helpful Free Reward At present, Be sure you reap the benefits of it

EE customers won’t face the nightmare of running out of data when streaming the Euro 2020 finals on their phones tonight. The UK network has announced that it will offer all its users completely unlimited internet access from 6pm to midnight this evening.

That means anyone using EE can stream all of the game, as well as all of the build and reaction, without the fear of receiving a huge bill in the mail. The data can also be used for all of these other online tasks like FaceTime calls, social media posts, and web checks. EE says the recent games hit record highs on its cellular network as fans try to tune in to see England’s success story.

About the giveaway Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s Consumer Group: “Millions of fans across the country will understandably be excited about the final – whether at home, on the go or at Wembley Stadium, which is connected by EE – and the emotions will rise , the last thing to worry about is that data is running out. On Sunday evenings, customers can rest assured that they can rely on our award-winning network when it comes down to it – stream every kick, capture every moment, and share every roar when the Three Lions bring it home!

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Aside from this free boost, there’s even more good news for EE customers as the network now has a new option to help people stay online.

The UK network has just announced that all new or existing customers who upgrade their current tariff will enjoy the company’s “Stay Connected” guarantee. This update means that anyone who exceeds their monthly data volume can still connect to the Internet without having to buy additional access.

For anyone who runs out of data on a regular basis, it’s worth noting that this free internet boost doesn’t let you stream endless Netflix box sets or spend hours downloading music files.

It is designed to keep customers connected with email and WhatsApp messages until their full balance picks up again at the start of a new month.

As EE explains: “The EE Stay Connected service turns on automatically as soon as a customer has used up their monthly data volume and is fast enough for customers to send and receive data messages, check their e-mails on the go and have access to where they are need to go to maps – help them keep in touch. “

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