eight skincare instruments at residence that can assist me obtain that post-facial glow

Despite being the hardcore beauty lover, I can get two manicures, three pedicures, and maybe a blowout all year round. But boy do I love facials? What was once my favorite lesson of the month now seems like something from a different era, as facials weren’t that easy to come by in 2020.

When the world began its baking adventures with banana bread and sourdough as a starter at the beginning of the quarantine, I turned to Amazon to keep my stress acne at bay when I found my new facial area, also known as my own bathroom. In the past few months, I’ve learned to take care of my skin with home tools that are not only affordable but useful too. Facialist Samantha Matteoni, my coworker, became my best friend, and I’ve put together the best tools to help you get that post-face glow every night – until your next actual facial appointment.

The high frequency tool has always been my favorite minute of my facial. Before I went coated with a cocktail of delicious serums, the beautician zapped my face and hummed on a pimple. Known as a secret weapon by facial therapists, it not only treats acne, stimulates collagen and increases blood flow within a few hours, but also leaves you with a brighter, more youthful complexion after a few days. Did I mention that you can use it on a daily basis and that it costs less than $ 50?

“The radiofrequency treatments are a natural way to improve your skin’s cellular turnover by oxygenating the layers under the dermis and improving skin tone and texture because the argon gas has extensive antibacterial and healing benefits,” says Matteoni, who as Beautician has worked for models in LA and New York. “During the treatment, enriched oxygen molecules are created that cause the thermal tissue to warm, help the blood vessels to push the bacteria away, and reduce acne healing time by about 80% by naturally fighting acne-causing inflammation under the skin’s surface.”

If you are prone to congestion and are trying to control and treat cystic acne like me, the purple gas is for you. While the device oxygenates and eliminates the bacteria in my blemishes, it also prevents future breakouts and reduces post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. If you want to treat the signs of aging and increase collagen levels and cell turnover rates, the orange and red electrodes are for you. My preferred electrode is the large, flat circle, mushroom, which is best used on larger areas of your face like cheeks and forehead. The key is to cover your blemished area for three to five minutes, and the device shouldn’t be used over your entire face for more than 20 minutes at a time. You will feel a slight tingling sensation. The best way to benefit from the high frequency and avoid sun irritation is to use it right before bed after cleansing.

“To give yourself the most effective treatment, use a facial gauze to allow a space between your skin and the electrode (a quarter of an inch is the optimal distance), as this allows the current to penetrate deeper,” says Matteoni.

Using a serum is a big step too, as most of our favorite collagen boosting products have molecules that are too large for the skin to absorb. When used in conjunction with a high frequency tool, they greatly improve their rate of absorption. Just avoid AHA, glycolic acid, or alcohol-based products to avoid overdrying. Also, stay away from areas with broken capillaries, spider veins, and rosacea. Always clean the electrodes with alcohol in individually wrapped alcohol wipes before and after use and always remove any earrings or piercings to avoid electric shock.

For a great massage that can be almost as good as a facial doctor’s hands, a simple, non-electrical device like the 2-in-1 Facial Massage Roller Kit is your best bet. One is a disco ball-type 3D roller that can actually be applied to your entire body and the other is a T-shaped electric energy massager that tones the skin on your face. Because it stimulates blood circulation, I use it right when I wake up to get my energy going. Even if I only use it for 20 minutes while scrolling through my phone, my face looks calmer and rosier. It doesn’t require a conductor gel, and you can use it on bare skin or over a moisturizer to make your skin more absorbent. I’ve never tried it in the shower, but it’s even waterproof.

For a high tech version that takes less time, this massager is an instant boost that leaves you wondering how much power can be achieved with such a small and portable tool. Just 10 minutes a day can be helpful Lift the contours of my face and remove wrinkles on my face and around my eyes. I noticed that my dark circles were reduced a lot and I loved how tight, deeply hydrated and moisturized my skin is.

A massager is especially effective for squeezing products (like serum) into your skin, resulting in increased absorption of your precious products. Vijuve’s cordless and battery powered vibration machine is powerful enough to improve skin elasticity, and while my concerns aren’t there, it can also help improve signs of aging, furrow lines, fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.

Ahh, now for the most relaxing time during a facial (although you know extractions will likely follow). This facial steamer is the key to deeply hydrated and plump skin. Mainly because I missed my time in the sauna – another favorite beauty treat of mine – this steamer combined with a soothing eucalyptus essential oil leaves the same energetic feeling. Cover the machine with a towel to prevent the steam from escaping. Just make sure that your face is not too close to the device. Also, use distilled water and take the full 30 minutes off the steam cycle to allow the warm mist to open your pores. This makes it a great stepping stone to cleanse the skin (extractions or not).

While extractions should definitely be reserved for professionals, this tool is a game changer that helps remove unwanted, but very common, buildup of dead skin and make-up residue. This works best on cleansed skin for a light pore suction effect. With a little light water or face mist, it glides over your face and gets all of the mass out.

The cleaning function not only gently extracts blackheads and whiteheads along the T-zone, it also has a lifting function. For visibly improved blood circulation, decongestion and improved skin structure, use oil-based skin care products like Lord Jones CBD Moisturizer and swipe upwards from chin to cheekbones. You will be shocked at how soft and clear your skin feels, even after just 10 minutes a few times a week.

This super tool is the high tech product in my routine, and with so many features and lights I can still get the hang of it. It is helpful in stimulating cell activity deep in your skin and has cleansing and relaxation modes. The most geek-worthy part of the device, however, is that the multi-colored LED light therapy treats almost all skin problems.

After a thorough cleansing with my Glo Skin Cream Cleanser, I use the red light to increase collagen production and reduce the wrinkles on my forehead and mouth. The blue light is excellent at removing excess oil, acne and blackheads. The green light neutralizes and soothes, soothes skin inflammation and renews the skin after exposure to the sun.

Start with the lowest intensity of the LED tool and apply a clarifying serum for the cleaning function. A water-based product is best suited for the anti-aging function. Use the tool two or three times a week for about five minutes. Then avoid sun exposure as the skin will remain sensitive for about an hour. Use this before applying any moisturizing oil. Then hit the pillow for all goodness to come to work.

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