eight simple methods to repair frizzy hair

Do you think Lana Del Rey’s “Summer Bummer” lyrics actually refer to the crisis of dealing with difficult hair in impossible humidity? Then it is obvious that surgery is necessary. Sure, we could get by with a decent bun or braid for the next few months. But that’s just an escape.

The frizzy hair problem is actually a cuticle problem. The key to healthy, straight hair is having smooth, balanced cuticles. Damaged or extensively treated hair gives way to raised cuticle particles that allow moisture to penetrate your hair and make your hair frizzy. If you have fine or flat or very coiled hair, frizzy hair is a big style setback.

Defrizzing your hair is all about controlling moisture levels and keeping your hair healthy. Here are very simple hacks that you can use to detangle your hair for effective results.

  • Use conditioner more often than shampoo

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    Most people don’t have to wash their hair every day, especially if they are using a good conditioner. Clean hair can actually get frizier than day old hair. Use a rich, creamy conditioner and skip the shampoo entirely on very humid days.

  • Switch to glycerin shampoo

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    Glycerin is effective against split ends, which is why hair often becomes frizzy – especially if you have fine hair. This shampoo contains essential oils from glycerin, as well as peppermint and tea tree.

  • Use a microfiber cloth

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    Most drying towels are bulky and cause friction and frizz when they come into contact with your hair. Wet hair is particularly susceptible to breakage. When you switch to microfiber towels, you dry your hair faster and more thoroughly.

  • Make the most of your diffuser

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    A diffuser distributes the air exiting a blowdryer and reduces its force by spreading it over a larger area. It also gives more thorough drying without causing too much movement, which is great for styling.

  • Invest in a weightless styling spray

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    Hairsprays are essential and we often need quite a lot, especially in summer. A weightless spray styles your hair and tames frizz without weighing your hair down. This also blocks the humidity.

  • Use a salon-style deep conditioning mask

    Kiehls Olive Fruit Oil Deep Repairative Hair Pak, $ 25 at Sephora

    Despite your love for homemade beauty products and DIY masks, try a professional deep conditioning mask, especially if you have bleached or chemically treated hair. Hair masks are extremely relaxing and make your hair smoother.

  • Layer your hair

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    On bad hair days, condition your hair with a dry oil that will penetrate but not be greasy. It acts like a moisturizing seal. This verb product literally disappears after application. It contains bamboo extract and argan oil to improve elasticity.

  • Sleep on silk

    Underpants Pure silk pillowcase, $ 89 at Slip

    You probably already know this, but silk pillowcases help preserve delicate hair. They don’t remove natural oils from your hair and reduce friction.

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